Philadelphia (WPVI)-Two police officers were shot dead and injured on July 4th Independence Day in Philadelphia on Monday night.

The fireworks display was still going on, so a photo was taken at 2500 blocks in the spring garden shortly after 9:45 pm.

Sources tell Action News that they believe the shooting came from behind the main stage of the Akin’s Oval, in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

After the shootout broke out, celebration attendees could be seen running down the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Police say a Philadelphia police officer assigned to a highway patrol has scratched his forehead.

A second officer assigned to the Bomb Disposal Team of the Sheriff of Montgomery County suffered a gunshot wound on his right shoulder. The policeman was there to assist the Philadelphia police. Police officers in the surrounding counties often do it at large events in the city.

Both officers were taken to Jefferson University Hospital, where they were treated and released.

A photo from the president of FOP Lodge # 5 showed a bullet in the hat of one of the injured police officers.

“It’s a miracle that the round stopped with a hat, first going inside and hitting the forehead, then stopping with a hat,” Philadelphia police commissioner Daniel Outlaw said in a press conference. Tuesday.

Outlaw said police officers had not heard the shots fired.

So far, there are no words about suspects or arrests in this shooting. Police are asking anyone who has the information, or who may have photos or videos of the shooting, to call 215-686-TIPS (8477).

The status of this shooting is under investigation.

Outlaw said it was not yet known whether the shooting was intentional, the officer was hit by a stray bullet, or the bullet was a festive shooting.

The highway patrol officer is 36 years old and has been working for 14 years. Police said the bomb squad police officer was 44 years old and had been working for 16 years.

The names of those officers have not been announced.

Mayor Jim Kenny, who also attended the press conference, did not chop up the words when asked about the gun crisis in the city.

“If I had the ability to take care of guns. I would. But Congress wouldn’t forgive us. The US Congress wouldn’t forgive us. The Governor would do the best he could. I Our Attorney General will do his best, but this is a country of guns. It’s crazy, “he said.

“We are one of the most armed and least secure countries in the history of the world,” he continued. “So we will have this problem until the Americans decide to give up the gun and give up the opportunity to get one.”

The shooting will take place just hours after the shooting during the July 4th parade in Illinois.

Six people were killed and dozens more were injured in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago. In that case, the interested person is currently in custody.

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