Seventh person died after a mass shooting at the Independence Day parade on Tuesday at Highland Park, officials said.

Lake County Spokesman for the Serious Crime Task Force Sgt.Christopher Coveri confirmed death shortly before 2:00 pm

He died after authorities updated the number of injured to 47 on Tuesday morning. That number is now 46, marking a tough update just one day after the tragedy happened.

The NorthShore University Health System said in a recent update that one patient being treated at Evanston Hospital is in critical condition. It remains unclear if the person is the same patient who died.

A person suspected of shooting at a crowd of spectators was detained in Lake Forest on Monday night after approximately eight hours of investigation and brief police pursuit.

The shooting took place at 10:14 am in the areas of Central Avenue and Second Street in downtown Highland Park, officials said.

In another social media video, after hearing some gunshots, I paused and heard another gunshot. In some videos, you will hear more than 50 shots.

The shelter-in-place order for residents of Highland Park has been lifted, but police are still urging people to avoid downtown in the city while the investigation continues.

Larry Bloom, who was in the area when the shot began, said the audience initially thought the “jumping” sound was part of the parade.

“You sounded like’pop, pop, pop’, and I think everyone thought it might be one display of the float, and it just opened,” Bloom said. Told.

“I was screaming and people were screaming,” Bloom said. “They were panicking and just scattered. I know you, we didn’t know. You know, it was right above us.”

Illinois Governor JB Pritzkar sought prayers for the deceased’s family and those injured in the shooting.

“There are no monsters waiting, shooting at a crowd of families with children and celebrating a vacation with the community,” Pritzker said in a statement. “There are no evil words that rob your neighbors of hope, dreams, or the future. There are no words I can offer to relieve the pain of those they left behind. Know that our state is saddening you. Please, that MK and I will be sad with you. “

Governor of Illinois JB Pritzker made a speech after a mass shooting at Highland Park, Illinois on July 4.

The Independence Day parade and events in the northern suburbs were canceled after the shooting.

The video seems to show the moment when a person involved in a shooting at a parade on July 4th in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, was arrested on Monday night.

Police continued to urge witnesses to submit photos and videos of the scene that could be useful in the investigation.

“One of the questions we have is a member of the community. If you have a video of this individual walking towards the parade, at the parade, on the roof, or at the exit, 1- Call 800-Call-FBI, “Koveli said.


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