ABC’s breakout new comedy series Abbott Elementary School holds the telecast flag as the only network show to be nominated in the Outstanding Comedy or Drama Series category at the 2022 Emmy Awards. While many creators are drawn to streaming these days, Abbott Elementary School Creator/Executive Producer Quinta Brunson is thrilled to bring her show to the air.

“I think making network comedy is an art form,” she said at Deadline’s Contenders Television: The Nominees virtual awards season event. “I think it takes a lot of skill to be able to create the kind of ad break that’s built around commercials. It’s not easy for me to fit 22 minutes of funny, heart and joy into that format.” It’s exciting.”

Branson’s co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph shared a recent conversation she had with prolific TV producer Aaron Kaplan Abbott Elementary School In it he said to her, “This great little comedy is going to save broadcast comedy, broadcast television, because it’s great and everybody loves it.”

Both Branson and Ralph received Emmy Award nominations for playing optimistic young teacher Janine Tiegs and veteran colleague Barbara Howard, respectively. Branson also chronicled the day-to-day happenings in a Philadelphia public school, wrote a pilot for a show that focused on the lives of teachers and staff and the day-to-day challenges they face, and wrote an excellent comedy for his series. share the nominations of

When I asked her how she felt, Abbott Elementary SchoolFellow Emmy-nominated cast member Janelle James, who plays the incompetent headmaster Ava Coleman, said, “I’m thrilled that the show will focus on teachers and show how important they are. We always think it’s a no-brainer, but I think people need to be reminded, so I’m glad we’re putting that thought into their heads.”

Few clues were offered about the upcoming season 2, but Abbott Elementary School‘s fourth acting nominee, Tyler James Williams, has spoken out about the complexities facing the budding romance between his character Gregory Eddy and Branson’s Janine.

“We ended the season with a timing issue with Janine breaking up with Tarik, but at the same time Gregory is starting something with Barbara’s daughter, Taylor. Hopefully we can keep playing with it. , the push and pull that sometimes things don’t match up,” he said.

Finally, on the pressing issues of diversity and representation in television, Branson said cast diversity “is not the kind of thing that sticks people…a few people in a given world fill diversity quotas.” So it wasn’t about getting the story from elsewhere.”We can humanize people and connect people with each other and I’m happy about that Abbott I can do that. ”

She quickly switched the serious tone to humor, pointing out the rather unconventional types of expressions she was admired for, from Gregory’s character’s hatred of pizza to Ava’s doomsday preparations.

Check back on Monday for the panel video.

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