Fanny Man’s Alan Carr opened up about his division from Paul Drayton and how he spent the year of “garbage”

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Alan Carr reveals that he has a secret relationship with the ITV star

Alan Carr talked about his “garbage” year in a frank new chat, following a farewell to her husband Paul Drayton.

The 46-year-old weird talked about his personal challenges in a new chat with presenter Laura Boyd in tonight’s episode of What’s On Scotland.

Alain revealed that he began writing a book about his marriage to Paul before his relationship with Paul collapsed.

“I wrote it before Covid,” he told Laura.

Alan Carr opened about his division


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“But then I got divorced when the relationship collapsed during Covid and we went out on the other side, so that’s probably my most personal thing. [tour]But it’s a kind of work, it’s pretty raw and I usually go to places I don’t talk about. It’s really like therapy. “

Alain described his career as “amazing,” but shared that his private life was “garbage.”

He continued: “Life gave me one of those years. Professionally, it was amazing, but personally, it was a little garbage.”

Alain continued: “I’m a transplanter, I love to work, I love to come here [to Scotland].. I know there are comedians who don’t want to go over Watford, but it’s easy not to come to Scotland. “

Pair finished marriage due to blockade

He claims to focus on the balance between work and life next year, disappearing for a while and focusing on himself.

“Next year, Alain will probably be a little less. I’m going to sort out myself,” he adds.

“I think it’s ready, and who knows, I might find love. I might find a nice Scottish. Playing in the river There was a person [in Inverness] And I like the wader guy … “

Alain had previously touched on a split with Lorraine Kelly while appearing on her show.

Talking about the split, he said: “Oh, me and Paul, 14 years-“

“It’s a long time,” said Lorraine, while Alain said: “In gay years, it’s 207 years!”

He continued: “I wrote a tour, and it was so stressful that then our marriage collapsed during Covid …

“Then I was on stage and it was like,’This doesn’t make sense, this doesn’t make sense.’

“So we are divorced now, he is excited about the future, I am excited about the future.

“We have experienced so many things together that we are still always friends.”

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