The vulgar language used by EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis to verbally abuse Michelle Antonio is unacceptable.Drunk is no excuse and needs to evoke racism

EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis

Needless to say, there is no racism in Britain in the 2020s. But given what EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis said to Michelle Antonio, the message has yet to reach some people.

Her words were dirty. The emotions behind it are even more so.

Being drunk is no excuse. As Michelle observes correctly, it is a person’s true feelings.

Jarvis claims she is not a racist, but her behavior suggests that it is not. She deserved prison instead of the community ruling she got.

And Michelle is doing public affairs today by telling us how this sneaky case and subsequent proceedings have had a devastating effect on her life.

Michelle Antonio was a victim of racial abuse by EastEnders stars


Reach Commission / Steve Bainbridge)

No one has to put up with it. And if telling her story makes others think twice before throwing racist abuse, some good things will happen.

It started as a ridiculous debate over chairs.

Every day there are many such discussions all over the country, and good and evil are often a little vague. You can’t take in human colors.

It is not always acceptable. Always wrong. And you should always call out and stamp.

In some of Jarvis’s rants, she declared, “I’m a celebrity.” Not in our book, you are not.

Real celebrities use their profile privileges forever. Not as a badge for throwing dirty, disgusting, and hurtful words.

Fix it, Sajid

It was correct to ban mixed wards in 2010 to maintain patient dignity.

Therefore, it is completely wrong that more than 13,000 cases have occurred in which men and women shared the same hospital space since October, 12 years later.

Under normal circumstances, a fine of £ 250 for each breach was imposed, but was suspended during the pandemic.

The last thing we want to see is that the NHS is being robbed of money. God knows, it’s struggling with the little things it has.

And of course, we are grateful for the pressure the hospital is under. Excessive staff growth is not an issue when choosing between mixed wards or no beds.

However, it is Sajid Javid’s responsibility to keep track of it. He never gets tired of telling us how hard he is working to clear the NHS backlog.

The Minister of Health should work a little harder so that patients can be treated with the dignity they deserve.

Real honor

It was appropriate that the future King of England should personally give her fall to the Financing Queen.

Today, podcaster Deborah James – whose Bowel Babe Fund has reached an astonishing £ 6m – is portrayed with an insignia that makes a lot of sense to her.

And you make a lot of sense to us, Deborah.

The pride you have in your new honor is second only to how proud the country is of you.

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