She also added that it had nothing to do with the account on which the image was displayed.

The troubled star seems to have had to deal with someone online impersonating her for years.

Former Hollywood star Amanda Bynes has denied that the nude bathtub photos on Twitter have anything to do with her.

36 years old after a shot of a pink-haired woman with aerial backside posted on social media-she is a man and best known in Noughties teen movies like the girl wants Masu-refuted the claim with words: “People who dislike can kiss my ass !!!”

She also claimed to be her and claimed to have nothing to do with the locked Twitter account on which the image was displayed.

Vines’ complaints about her so-called cyber scammers date back a few years, and she told showbiz’s website TMZ that “she never takes nude photos that seem to circulate on the Internet.”

Her lawyer, Tamar Arminak, also stated that her client was not a woman on all fours in the photo, adding that her legal team had long been unsuccessful in disabling Twitter accounts.

Like fellow troubled star Britney Spears, Vines also recently ended a long guardianship system that gave her mother Lynn her personal and medical decisions and control of her financial problems.

She was detained for 72 hours in involuntary psychiatric care during a mental health assessment following the 2013 arrest of Vines, who allegedly fired on a driveway in a California home.

A former Nickelodeon actress claimed to have had a downward spiral in 2013 on charges of arrest for drunk driving and possession of marijuana, and was previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael of the Fiance


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On Valentine’s Day 2020, she announced her engagement with a man named Paul Anthony, whom she met at an AA meeting, after which the couple had a turbulent relationship.

According to TMZ, last month Vines accused him of using drugs, interfering with pornography and destroying his mother’s home, and police called their home at 2:30 am “verbally.” Caused a controversy in.

But after her fiance publicly claimed that she “stopped taking his medicine,” she was “afraid of what he would do,” Vines withdrew and apologized.

“I thought Paul had relapsed, but I was wrong,” she said. “He did a drug test for me using the drug test kit I purchased. This kit was negative for all substances.

“Paul and I are together. I’m very sorry for the confusion I caused.”

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