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Amber Heard’s first witness was called on Tuesday and recalled the defecation case during a pre-recorded court deposit.

In a recorded deposit in March 2022, iO Tillett Wright, 36-year-old Heard’s author, producer, and longtime friend, came from Heard on May 21, 2016, during an ongoing defamation trial. Received a call and received the infamous fecal case.

Explain the confusion

According to Wright, Johnny Depp, 58, was swayed by the former couple’s penthouse about a month after finding what they described as human excrement in the couple’s bed after a major battle. I picked up some items.

“”[Heard] “Johnny thinks you and I defecated together on the pillow,” he recalled. “Pirates of the Caribbean” star.

Amber cross-examination rap in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial after a question about prior arrest

Does Depp start to get angry?

Wright heard a loud noise as he tried to explain that he was not in the apartment on the morning of the problem. Wright slammed his closed fist into his hand to imitate the sound.

“The phone went down and he said to her,’Do you think I hit you? Do you think I hit you? Wright testifies with pre-recorded deposits. bottom.

“I remember she was screaming. I hung up,” he said with tears in his eyes.

“The truth is not on Johnny Depp’s side,” Amber Heard said in a statement released before resuming the defamation trial.

He called her best friend Raquel Pennington, who lived next door, and then the police. I heard Depp hit her cell phone against her face.

Wright further pressured that when he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, Depp would often be “incredibly cruel and mean” and would throw putdowns at his ex-wife.

Writer Io Tillett Wright testified on behalf of Amber Heard in a pre-recorded account of the infamous defecation case.
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“”[Heard] Depp is said to have told Wright. [breasts] She should find another way to survive, as she begins to sag, her face becomes wrinkled, and no one is interested in her. “

Elsewhere, in a court testimony on Tuesday, Hard’s ex-best friend Pennington was involved in a trivial physical quarrel while the two were preparing for Thanksgiving. Said that there is.

Jab trading?

Through Hard’s testimony, she called Pennington her “best friend.” However, Pennington said in her testimony on January 20 that they were not as close as they seemed to have heard during her own testimony.

“I don’t think she’s not a friend,” she said. “We don’t speak. We are not enemies.”

Pennington said they met in 2003 and recently grew away. The last conversation they had was about a hard baby.

Pennington claimed that she and Hard exchanged physical rushes while looking for glasses and dishes.

“SNL” will be a complete bathroom humor with Depp Hard Trial Feces in Bed Claims

“I couldn’t find it anywhere [Heard] I finally found them where I thought I had seen them, “Pennington recalled.

Pennington pushed her in and Hard hit her on the cheek.

Pennington lived in one of Depp’s Los Angeles penthouses for no rent until the couple broke up.

Johnny Depp V. Amber Heard is back in court: Summary of the Biggest Trial Bonshell

The rest of Raquel Pennington’s testimony will be taken for the jury on Wednesday morning.

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