COVID rocks FINA World Championships and forces Australia’s new distance freestyle star Lani Paris Star Play 18 gold medalists in tonight’s 800m freestyle final Katie Ledecky.

FINA is News Corp To date, a total of eight swimmers have been tested positive for coronavirus in Budapest.

Australian team officials reportedly kept their names and nationalities secret. Julian Linden One of them is Paris Star. Already a bronze medalist at 1500 meters, he won the medal again after qualifying in second place behind four-time US champion Katie Ledecky at 800 meters.

Under the championship rules, all swimmers were tested on arrival, but masks are not required, even if the athletes are in close contact on a regular basis.

Linden reported that after the 1500m medal was announced on Monday, Parister stood right next to Ledecky to take a picture and shared a hug in a mixed zone where competitors talked to the media.

“Lani tested positive on Thursday and was immediately quarantined for at least six days,” the report said.

“The Australian team official was also positive on the test and was isolated. That could be revealed.

“Other members of the team were ordered to wear face masks, report symptoms and be ready to test.

“At this stage, there was nothing more positive in the Dolphins camp, but head coach Rohan Taylor said team officials weren’t seizing the opportunity.”

Taylor said News Corp: “I’ve tested everyone who feels sick, just in case.

“We have notified FINA and are following their protocol. We are just trying to do the right thing.”

Parister reportedly never signed with Covid when he swam in the heat of 800 meters on Thursday, but he felt itchy in his throat when he returned to the hotel, so he decided to test it himself. Did.

“She’s fine, but she’s positive, so she called the doctor,” Taylor said.

“I think he did four tests on her just in case, but they turned positive and she was isolated.”

FINA rules require Parisers to miss the next race and stay in their room until they are cleared. This means that if he moves to Spain the next Sunday, he will not be able to travel to Barcelona with the rest of the team. Swimming in the pool is over.

News Corp reported that the Australian openwater team had just arrived in the capital of Hungary and that his mother, Janel Parister, would stay in Budapest until July 1st, as one of the coaches.

At the end of the open water event, everyone will travel to France together and join the final training camp with the rest of the team before the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham next month.

“That’s a good thing. She will be able to go back and go back,” Taylor said.

“That’s the reality. After all, I’ve been very lucky so far, but I’m sorry that Lani couldn’t race and was clearly devastated.”

Rumors of a Covid outbreak swirled around the pool deck for days after foreign teams suddenly began wearing face masks and many swimmers withdrew from the race without explanation.

The men’s water polo tournament between Canada and Italy was also canceled, officials said only for the “health and well-being” of all participants.

Eight swimmers tested positive, but it is understood that athletes, officers and staff from other sports also tested positive after more than 4,000 PCR tests.

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