Sacramento, California (AP) —Governor of California Gavin Newsom uses state record $ 300 billion budget on Friday to sway midterm elections, including an unprecedented $ 100 billion surplus. Promised to “guarantee the future” from the impact of. The cycle he fears will undermine access to abortion nationwide, gun safety, and privacy protection.

The first governor of the country’s most populous state, and the Democratic presidential candidate, used a budget presentation on Friday to support progressive qualifications while attacking conservative state rivals.

He has defeated a significant increase in spending on health care, education, child care and the environment, and has spent $ 125 million to facilitate abortion of women in California, including women from other states. I promised to spend.

California has lower COVID-19 mortality rates than Republican-led Florida, Texas, and Arizona, as the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn the Roe v. Wade case next month. Pointed out the signs of. If the court overturns Law, it limits or outlaws abortion.

Newsome enacted the nation’s first state-wide coronavirus stay-at-home order, and many believe his positive actions throughout the pandemic saved lives. Critics say he has gone too far and exacerbated the financial harm.

“Why is this possible if you are a pro-life?” Newsam mentioned higher mortality rates in three states that used more hands-off approaches during the pandemic. “Please spare me their belief in professional life. They do not deserve that position.”

The sign of Newsom’s presentation showed how California was compared to “the most populous state.” Texas is second, followed by Florida. However, Arizona is in 14th place. State 4 is democracy-led and strongly supports the right to abortion. New York has a higher COVID mortality rate than Texas and is comparable to Florida.

Brian Griffin, deputy spokesman for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, disputed Newsom’s allegations and, in a “properly tuned format,” Florida succeeded at COVID, as did California, but was a civilian individual. He claimed that he did not maintain his freedom. In the process, it destroys the ectenia of small and medium-sized enterprises. “

California’s projected $ 97.5 billion budget surplus is supported by a surge in tax revenues, unlike what has been seen at the state level. This is larger than the overall operating budget of almost every other state.

The constant flow of taxes has urged California Republicans, who do not have enough to have a great influence on the legislature, to complain about high quality of life.

Republican Vince Fong, Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Budget Committee, said: “The governor may not want to admit it, but California is at stake and his budget is unsustainable.”

The surge in revenue is “a sign of how well many people are doing in this economy,” Newsom said, reflecting “wealth and success are in the hands of a few.” Said.

Approximately half of California’s income tax collection comes from the top 1% of income earners who performed well during the pandemic. The system makes the nation more vulnerable to economic booms and busts than any other state.

Capital gains, the increased value of assets such as stocks and other investments that most wealthy people earn, accounted for 9.7% of California’s personal income. This is the second highest record in history, following 2000, just before the dot-com bubble burst and plunged into recession.

The Newsom administration is a sign that the economy is about to slow down again, citing the uncertainties caused by the war in Ukraine, supply chain problems and recent actions by the Federal Reserve to fight runaway inflation. Said there is a possibility. Capital gains earnings are expected to decline 22% next year.

Newsom’s proposal would leave a $ 37.1 billion reserve in the state and use almost all of its surplus for non-recurring expenses. One of his biggest suggestions is to return $ 18.1 billion to taxpayers in the form of tax refunds and programs that provide support for rent, utilities and health insurance.

Newsom suspended state taxes on diesel fuel as gasoline prices reached record highs in March, offering up to $ 800 a rebate for all registered vehicle owners in the state, $ 750 million. Suggested to spend and provide everyone with a free ride on public transport. Three months.

But the proposal didn’t go anywhere in the legislature. There, democratic leaders favor a narrower bailout package that targets only low- and middle-income families.

Newsom argued that both sides would reach an agreement to get a check later this year. Republicans argue instead that the state should temporarily suspend its gas tax. And it’s the highest in the country at 51.1 cents per gallon.

“The governor lives in Fantasyland in the year of the election if he believes the fall debit card and rebate promises now bring relief,” said Senate Republican leader Scott Wilk.

Newsom’s budget presentation warns that the state is on the verge of a serious drought and that state energy officials may run out of electricity during the summer when air conditioning peaks. It is done.

The governor called on people to reduce their water use by 15%, but consumption increased dramatically in March. Newsom wants to spend more money to promote conservation, finance struggling drinking water systems, and promote water recycling. This includes $ 75 million in grants to drought-damaged farms and businesses.

Meanwhile, he is demanding $ 5 billion to create 5,000 megawatts of “strategic reserve” energy to help the state avoid power outages. One MW can power 750 to 1,000 homes.

Newsum’s budget document contained limited details about how the reserve would be built, but he went beyond the planned closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear facility in 2025. Retired, said it has the potential to stay online, and is open to some gas-fired power plants that have been set up.

The budget plan must be approved by the Legislature and will come into effect on 1 July.


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