Netflix released a number of flashy, action-packed episodic series this year. All of Us Are Dead When Money Heist: South KoreaBut the next big action piece is the movie. carter, Starring Joo Won. Joo-won’s normally clean-cut heartthrob image takes a surprising turn here, becoming the rugged, villainous Carter (hence the film’s title). carter Directed by Jeon Byung-gil, who made his career out of his stylized, energetic action direction of films like. villain daughter (2017) and confession of murder (2012).

Viewers looking for a solid action movie will find plenty of thrills in the compelling and sophisticated editing. carter, whose action sequences are all woven together to give the film a “one take” effect. With stunning aerial shots of rooftop fights and waterfall escapes, and spine-chilling chases in dark cavernous rooms, tensions between North and South Korea are becoming increasingly familiar. The background is woven. carter We set out to achieve action, choreography and set design and it’s been a great success.

However, those looking for a more character-driven story, or who have a lower tolerance for long, elaborate action sequences, carter‘s 132 minute running time is a bit overwhelming.

carter begins with an expository introduction, noting that the Korean peninsula is grappling with a deadly epidemic outbreak of the “DMZ virus.” Viral infections produce “animal-like behavior” and increase violent tendencies in infected individuals. North and South Korean leaders are working together to create an antibody treatment using the blood of Dr. Chung’s daughter named Hana, who was cured of her DMZ virus infection through her father’s research. However, Dr. Jung (Jung Jae-young) and Hana (Kim Bo-min) go missing while being transported to North Korea. Sinuiju Chemical Weapons Research Institute. There, a swarm of infected North Korean patients are also being quarantined. Meanwhile, Carter wakes up to find a mysterious voice through his earpiece giving him instructions.

The DMZ virus outbreak comes just 10 months after a ceasefire between North and South Korea, a truce that strikes a delicate balance amid mistrust on both sides over the failed transfer of Dr. Jung and Hana. A dramatic backdrop and health crisis provide the necessary narrative stakes in the film’s relentless vortex of action. Military leaders, intelligence agencies, infectious disease doctors, and children. Unfortunately, each of them is only lightly used (except young Hana). They go in and out quickly, leaving viewers to regret any missed opportunity to deepen the film’s storytelling and character arcs.

have a keen sense carter Action always takes precedence over character development and well-crafted emotional turns. The film also has a fair amount of gore, making it feel long and even addictive to the “one-shot” style of the some point carterviewers may struggle to find answers to some fundamental questions in the sacred art of creating stories. What is currently driving you to take risks? Conversely, what are the reasons behind your opponents’ decisions? Essentially, what are the motivations behind each character’s actions?

one of the biggest stories of carter The film is certainly made up of multiple shots, but the overall effect works. As the film travels breathtakingly from public baths to buses, warehouses, medical facilities, clothing stores, planes, and more, the “single take” style carter A sense of spatial vastness that most action movies have failed to achieve. The camera tirelessly follows the equally hardworking Carter through physical spaces trapped in chaos and uncertainty. There is no reprieve offered from another angle, no additional knowledge gained from established shots. Enemies can appear from all directions.

Juwonin carter.
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Some sequences are triumphs of cinematography, especially those involving vehicles soaring through a dizzying array of backdrops: a motorcycle chase scene through a maze of streets and alleys, and skydiving combat. An airplane standoff that transforms into a scene (filmed with actors actually skydiving). And a battle sequence in which trucks and jeeps sprint across farmland.The sequences are almost effortlessly strung together — in stark contrast to the unimaginably labor-intensive work and planning that went into creating them. carterAt times, the film feels like a giant, tangled escape room.Here is perhaps the nagging question of whether carterThe film’s achievements are wasted on the small screens that Netflix viewers encounter the film on.

That’s the last 25 minutes of the movie. carter It really delves into meaty issues and develops an unexpected emotional gravity. There is the question of how it affects relationships. The film also raises questions about identity and information warfare through Carter’s amnesia. The pervasiveness of technology — the film takes this very literally through the electronics implanted in Carter’s body — resonates with relevance. In the same way that Carter grapples with identifying himself through the constant influx of texts and the information provided by his faceless voice, technology is also bewilderingly unfamiliar with ourselves and the world. It has become the main force that determines knowledge.

These are all interesting questions posed by carterHowever, viewers may find themselves having to dig deep beneath the film’s explosion to track down and find the scene.

carter Currently streaming on Netflix.

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