Mark Lavette says beauty loves Beast, and his female fans can’t resist grabbing him and touching him, especially whenever he can be caught in Bingo Hall.

Beasts are now chased in real life

Chaser the Beast deposited £ 1m in a bank in a month, but also had to dodge quite a few beauties.

Mark Labbett has been frightened by the participants of ITV’s The Chase since its inception in 2009.

Last year, working on the American version of the show, a 56-year-old former math teacher won a seven-digit total.

And he said: “It’s more than I earned in the first 49 years of my life.”

But fame comes at the cost of a 6-foot-6-inch star called the Beast. Amorous fans literally want to go to the bottom of him.

He has received a large amount of compensation for his appearance, stating: About four times, it’s all gigs, and it’s not just women.

The beast made millions


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Our Harina Watts and the Beast

“I had a woman who pulled her face to kiss, they sat on my lap and I had to throw them away. The worst thing was I wore jeans And the woman grabbed my meat and two vegetarians.

“I was trying to chat with another woman. If I did that to her, I would be in a cell. I always have a woman equivalent to a man who moves a woman on her forefoot. “

In a talk at Virgin Media’s TV BAFTA, Mark revealed that he hasn’t blown away the £ 1m plunge. He states: “I didn’t use it at all. I made sure my pension was replenished and I made sure my son’s tuition was paid. I don’t need or want anything. I Is wearing Clarks shoes and a Marks & Spencer suit. I’m too old for a fast car. I have a Volvo.

“I’m one of these guys who don’t need anything. I sometimes like nice computers. I travel around the world and that’s my office. I like my food, but that’s it . “

Jenny Ryan, Mark Labet, Paul Singha at the TV Awards


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Mark toured the world with Chase and his co-stars Ann Hagerty and Sean Wallace. He was also the tracker of the Australian version of the show.

He also said he was targeted by an online robot that sent him sexually explicit pictures.

Mark broke up with his wife for six years in 2020, and they raised their son together. He says he is now married to his job, “I’m single now. We’re away, but we’re doing really well, we’re co-parents. I’m her I promised to take care of my child and I promised to take care of my child. “

Chase won the BAFTA at the prestigious award last week. Mark states:

“Now I support this. We are the best quiz show in the world.”

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