Did you have sex in the Balthazar bathroom this weekend and misplaced your wedding ring? no worries! The staff has it.

In a XXX-rated lost property post that reads like an erotic novel, eccentric restaurateur Keith McNally aside from the number of covers, walk-ins, and cancellations, as well as cheeky things.

“There was one report of a couple having sex at one of the men’s stalls downstairs,” reads the manager’s note. “But when I asked floor manager Greg to hurry to see what was going on, the couple wasn’t found anywhere, so they remained a mystery.”

But the sultry story turned into a more fascinating whodunit – it looks like a woman’s ring has fallen while distorting around a small stall.

“Strangely, Greg found a small wedding ring on the floor of a bathroom stall. He called it Lost & Found,” he reads the post.

McNally tells us that the couple hasn’t returned to request the ring yet.

We choose to believe that Randy Pairs are married to each other, not to others.

Restaurateur Keith McNally shared the story over his Instagram over the weekend.
Restaurateur Keith McNally shared the story over his Instagram over the weekend.

McNally has become known for posting all sorts of controversial things on Instagram and is frequently calling on his A-listed customers.

He was openly ashamed of real estate developer Michael Shubo when the millionaire was allegedly past the Balthazar hostess to the best booth. McNally threatened to ban him, saying, “This offensive, empowered behavior is arrogant.” (Shvo’s wife claimed that the story was more complicated and she behaved properly.)

He also banned Graydon Carter after a former Vanity Fair editor did not appear in 12 bookings at McNally’s Morandy, calling him a “flashy F-car” and “never allowing bookings at once. Will not be done. ” Of my restaurant again. I never have. ”

“Today we’re donating to the restaurant’s chip pool to cover what the staff made,” Carter told Page Six at the time.

A few months later, when Town & Country asked what he wanted for his vacation, instead of retreating, McNally shouted, “I put Graydon Carter’s head on a platter.”


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