Danniera Westbrook worries fans after taking her to social media to reveal that she has an infection.She recently had her face reconstruction surgery

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Danniera Westbrook says she’s a “tree hugger”

Danniera Westbrook worried fans after revealing that she had a blood-borne disease that remained tied to her bed.

The 48-year-old actress said on Twitter that she got too sick and couldn’t leave the house after getting sick.

She writes: “Another beautiful day I missed in my sick bed with this blood infection.”

The fans immediately sent a cheerful message to the star.

One person wrote:

Another comment: “I feel better soon after sending a hug xxx”

Danniera Westbrook is currently suffering from a blood infection

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John Partridge, who played Christian Clark in EastEnders, wrote:

Daniela, best known for playing Sam Mitchell in the BBC’s soap opera EastEnders, was recently talked about after undergoing facial reconstruction surgery at the NHS after an orthopedic surgeon said it would cost £ 500,000. ..

The two mothers require a total of five surgeries to correct her “collapsed” face due to previous cocaine addiction and osteoporosis.

Danniera Westbrook recently had surgery

Daniela argued that surgery was not for vanity, but for her survival.

As a result of the accumulation of body fluids, I was rushed to the intensive care unit just before Christmas after I couldn’t breathe due to a cold.

After talking to a doctor at Aintree Hospital in Liverpool, she was offered facial reconstruction surgery.

Daniela revealed that she would insert ribs into her face to secure her nose and cheekbones.

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In 2002, Danniella was snapped from head to toe with a brand check print.

A new Instagram post shows that she’s still a fan of fashion companies after sharing her amazing photo in a small black dress and Burberry scarf.

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