The Federal Bureau of Investigation landed on Wednesday at the home of former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark in connection with the ministry’s extensive investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 elections.

It wasn’t exactly what the investigators were looking for, but Clark strongly armed the country’s top prosecutor in late 2020 for President Donald J. Trump to support the allegations of fraudulent elections. It was the center of the failed effort to get it done.

Law enforcement at Mr. Clark’s home on the outskirts of Virginia took place just one day before the House Commission investigating January 6, 2021. Election defeat.

The hearing will help Mr. Trump bend the department to his will and ultimately convince some major swing-state officials to change the outcome of the election results, Mr. Clark’s role. Was expected to explore.

Shortly before the January 6 attack, Mr. Trump considered a plan to appoint Mr. Clark to the Attorney General on behalf of the Attorney General, and then abandoned it. At the time, Clark was proposing to send a letter to Georgia’s state authorities, and there is evidence in Georgia that could revoke proof of Joseph R. Byden Jr.’s victory in that major swing state. Was mistakenly stated.

Clark’s search at home also continued to issue subpoenas to at least eight people in four different states involved in a plan by a federal grand jury to overturn the normal functioning of the election process by Mr. Trump and his allies. It was done. Create a fake slate of Trump-backed voters in the state where Biden actually won.

Clark did not respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

Former Deputy Head of the Department of Justice’s Citizens Department, Clark helped draft a letter to Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia in late December 2020. “Election results” in Georgia and several other states. The letter advised Republican Kemp to convene a special session of his legislature to create “another slate of voters in favor of Donald J. Trump.”

Clark pressured then-Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen to sign and send a letter to Kemp, but Rosen refused. Rosen will testify in front of the House Committee at a hearing on Thursday.

Katie Benner Report that contributed.

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