President Joe Biden, who fought off the words “Ultra MAGA.” “MAGA King” and “Donald Trump” for over a year, suddenly integrated Trump’s political movement into his daily glossary.

The White House deliberately adopts tactics, but that doesn’t mean they’re about to engage in a cultural war.

Instead, Biden is trying to make his face look unthinkable. Knock the Republican Party on the heel by linking the message to a policy platform issued by the relatively ambiguous Florida Senator Rick Scott.They are doing it Republicans – They have already sold it in commodities and raised it – Republicans have already predicted that it will backfire, and Scott’s political activity says it won’t be happy. ..

“It’s hilarious. They highlight their only greatest vulnerability,” he said. “It’s as if they’re trying to hurt themselves.”

But it doesn’t matter to the White House whether it’s the subject of ridicule from Republicans.

A source familiar with the White House’s strategy told NBC News that “there is a very healthy database of research in which the term” MAGA “avoids the wielding of voters.”

According to him, the study was conducted over six months by the American Progress Center and other Democrats.

According to White House officials, MAGA is an unmistakable word that easily conveys “radicalism” to the Republican Party’s own foundation, and the Democratic Party wants to portray the Republican Party in the medium term.

“The plan proposed by the Republican Party in Congress is an extreme plan that doesn’t focus on family concerns across the country, whether it’s a tax increase on working families, a choice to fight Mickey Mouse, or a ban on books,” Kate said.・ Berner said. White House spokesperson. “The president thinks it’s important to call those plans about what they are. It’s extreme and super MAGA, in contrast to his approach.”

His party was anxious for Biden to be more aggressive towards the Republicans, but even Democratic analysts admit that this strategy is dangerous. The White House points out that Americans cite inflation and rising energy and food costs as their biggest concerns, but Americans blame White House for inflation and rising gas prices head-on. ..

However, portraying the Republican’s broader agenda as an extreme could be in harmony with the Democratic debate over the Supreme Court’s pending plans to overturn abortion protection.

The few red states have discussed a series of more restrictive regulations related to reproductive rights. Louisiana, for example, has adopted a new law proposed by the Commission that then suspends and allows women to be prosecuted for murder if they have an abortion.

“This is what the president is talking about. Reproductive Healthcare, Reproductive Rights-and when the Supreme Court decides on this, we need to say more,” Berner said.

However, abortion is not where the White House focuses on its “super MAGA” rhetoric.

It is aimed at Senator Rick Scott of Florida, who heads the Senate Republican Campaign Division. In February, he proposed an economic plan that included taxing all Americans. The White House pointed out polls that showed little support for the tax aspects of his plan (although other features such as police funding and the addition of parliamentary term restrictions were popular).

This week, Biden used his bully Palpit to attack Scott, the chairman of the Republican Senate Election Commission, over an economic plan.

Some democratic strategists and donors say the president is making a mistake in distracting his predecessor when many voters are focusing on inflation.

Not only is the two-step argument that Scott’s plan is MAGA rather than Trump a complex message, but persuasive voters will trust or blame Biden’s treatment of the economy, these critics say.

“The problem with the White House is that they keep thinking that Donald Trump is on the ballot. This is the part of sticking to Boogeyman’s politics. When sticking to Boogeyman’s politics, it’s Boogeyman. It only works when you’re around, “said Democratic strategist Chris Coffinis.

A prominent party fundraiser has expressed confusion over the branding of ultra-MAGA.

“It sounds ridiculous, and it’s raising and multiplying MAGA and Trump,” said the fundraiser.

But Biden’s chief pollster, John Ansalone, says the opposite is true. Scott’s plan has been accepted by some National Republicans and is currently their main proposal.

“It’s wise politics. By the way, it’s not that complicated politics,” said Anzalone. Scott leads a committee responsible for regaining the Senate. “Therefore, you know what the interim is about everything [for the GOP] And Joe Biden tells you what he represents and which side he stands on. ”

Republicans say Americans aren’t going to buy it, and for their part, not only is this new tactic useless, it’s paying for it.

Chris Hartline, a spokesman for the National Republican Senate Committee, said:

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