Four police officers were killed Friday night when criminals broke into the Agwa Division Police Headquarters in the Oguta Municipal Area, Imo State.

Parts of the division and vehicles, including those of division police officers, were burned by the attackers.

This is the same as when the gunman broke into the home of a resident identified only as Ezike, shot him dead, and shot his wife before escaping.

The development caused panic in the area as natives and residents expressed shock.

A community source, who did not wish to be mentioned, revealed that they had three cars collided around 10-11pm.

Sources said the shooters arrived in a dump truck and two Sienna cars and broke into the police station.

One of the sources said, “They opened fire indiscriminately at a dump truck and two Sienna cars and we hit the house. It was about 10 and 11.

“It was this morning that I heard they were criminals, attacked a police station, killed four police officers and burned a car.”

Another source said he was at home when the gunshots started but didn’t bother to go outside.

He said, “I was already inside when I started hearing gunshots. I didn’t bother going outside because it was safer to be inside than outside.

“It was this morning that we heard that the Agwa District Police Headquarters had been attacked. Four police officers were killed. Two male police officers were shot dead and two female police officers were burned to death.

“Part of the building where the female police were located was burned. The division’s vehicles, including those belonging to the DPO, were destroyed. I did. His wife is alive.”

Another said his people were living in fear and called on the government to help the situation.

He said, “We live in fear. A female police officer was roasted and the other two were killed in cold blood, which is anti-human.

“This is unbelievable. May God come to my aid. Government please rise to the occasion. Things are getting out of hand. Do they want us to flee our homes?” I don’t know, it seems like a crazy situation right now, God help us.

Another source told correspondents that one of the killed officers had only been in the military for two weeks.

He said, “One of the officers killed is a recruit. He’s been a police officer for less than two weeks after the fainting parade.

Our correspondent saw a harrowing picture of the attacked division and several officers lying dead in a ball of blood.

Another source told our correspondent that police recruited from outside the department had occupied the area and state police chief Muhammad Verde was expected.

A state police spokesperson, Micheal Abattam, answered the phone when contacted. At the time of filing this report, he has not yet responded to messages sent to his mobile phone.

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