British chef James Martin has had a long relationship in the past, but professional cooks have chosen to keep their current romance with their longtime girlfriend Louise quiet.

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James Martin quit TV on Saturday morning for a quiet life with his new girlfriend

James Martin is one of the most famous British chefs on television, but he has a secret.

The Saturday Kitchen star, who has broadcast much of his life in front of the camera, is a notorious private about his life away from the camera.

The 49-year-old has had a long relationship in the past-from a former Miss England star to a James Bond producer.

And, given his culinary expertise that doesn’t want his pie slices, it’s not surprising.

James originally found his love with PA Louise Dabies in 2011-he met on a set of celebrities who wanted to be a millionaire.

James and Louise met in 2011


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The lovers spend their spare time together and live a relaxing life with their dog Ralph.

Despite continuing to obscure their love, Louise is reportedly “absolutely going with him everywhere.”

As news of their relationship came in 2016, TV moderators rarely choose to talk about his private life with his long-term partner.

In 2017, in an episode of Good Morning Britain, the chef said, “I was happy for the first time in my life,” and spewed out how happy I was.

At the time, one source told The Sun:

“Luis also likes modest things, unlike Barbara, who liked to make a fuss about him, so it’s easy to get rid of.”

The romance of the pair was revealed in 2016


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James first met Louise on the set


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The couple was generous about their relationship being broadcast, as the news of their romance spread and they were stopped from appearing in many events over the years.

James’ last attention-grabbing romance was with Barbara Broccoli, the producer of James Bond, which ended in 2005.

The insider continued. “Louis goes absolutely everywhere with him. They just don’t make big songs or dance about them.

“She really knew all his friends and visited him regularly on Saturday kitchen sets and was on his ASDA commercial set, so all his colleagues are doing well with her. “

The relationship between James and Louise was reportedly more realistic, but he wasn’t interested in the possibility of walking down the aisle.

James and Barbara dated between 2004 and 2008


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He is currently with his longtime girlfriend Louise


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“No, that’s because I’m not interested in anything, mainly because I’ve dealt with so many weddings,” he said.

“I respect the people who do it, it’s great, but I’m very happy.”

He explained to Sunday People in 2019:

Romance wasn’t always natural for a star chef, as he acknowledged that his career and success came at a price. It takes precedence over marriage and children.

James admits that he focused on work and avoided traditional family life.

“The biggest lowness in my career is that I gave up everything because of it,” he told Prima in 2020.

The pair isn’t walking down the aisle right away


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“I look at my companions, they are all married to children, and I’m so focused on my work that that doesn’t apply to me,” he added.

“The level of commitment it requires and the choices you have to make have a big impact.”

Despite the controversial decision, he admitted that if he was given his time again-he would probably make the same choice.

“But will I do the same again? Probably because it made me me,” he admitted.

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