Twenty-two years ago today, Jamie Oliver and his model girlfriend Juliette Norton became a man and wife at the perfect ceremony at Essex.

Since then, Jamie has undoubtedly become the world’s largest television chef, and his wife, Jules, has raised an impressive herd of five children in a £ 6 million rural mansion that’s too cool.

When they met as teenagers who grew up in Essex, they didn’t anticipate what their future would look like.

Jamie fell in love with Jules long after admitting that they “dreamed of marrying” her long before they got together.

He finally got a chance on a double date to the cinema in 1991, but on the way he crashed his car with soup.

“I had a Fiesta with a lowered suspension and sound system,” he told Alan Carr’s Chatiman.

“We were driving there that night, and then I bumped into the back of another car. She felt sorry for me. She said,” His driving method, he has life support. I need it. “

Jamie and Jules Oliver tied a knot on June 24, 2000 at the All Saints Church in Rickling, Essex.


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Jamie and Jules Oliver’s First Valentine’s Day 1996

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Despite his suspicious driving skills, Jules fell violently and fast, and when her modeling took her to Japan for three months, Jamie, then 17-year-old she has to this day. I attacked her with a letter and a fax.

When she returned, they became inseparable and rented a small apartment in Hammersmith while Jamie was working in the kitchen of the famous River Cafe.

Life-changing work

It was there that the television producer first saw Jamie in a 1997 restaurant documentary.

He only came to cover his illness, but soon got the attention of a big wig and received seven offers the next day.

He went with a naked chef. The boss wanted to shoot it at his house, but it was too small.

So they rented a bigger and cooler apartment in East London with him, and he and Jules were full of their companions.

Jamie and Jules took a photo that looks tanned and loved on their first vacation


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Jamie gained fame as a naked chef

The show debuted in 1999, and with his Essex slang and amiable smile, Jamie was an instant hit.

When his star was in the Ascendant, the couple, then 25, tied a knot in 2000 at the All Saints Church in Rickling, Essex.

Like his fast-growing rock star chef, Jamie is wearing a pale blue Paul Smith suit in a snakeskin brogue, and Jules is stunned by a strapless ivory Neil Cunningham gown. It was made.

Their first dance to Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Want to Be With You” was disastrous thanks to Jamie’s two left feet, but Jules was soloed “throw him away.”

“I was in my element,” she later recalled.

Various ambitions

For years, Jules has been unfairly criticized for not having his own career, but her dream was to have “babies, baking, roses around the door.” I openly admit it.

“I never felt the need to verify myself. I don’t care about being a mother. I don’t care about being seen as Jamie’s wife,” she told Red Magazine. ..

Jools loves to be a mom at Hina’s house



For ultra-ambitious Jamie, his wife’s lack of perceived ambition was a constant source of confusion for him.

“Jules is an interesting costume she’s not like me. She has no mission. She wants to marry a loved one and make a family. That’s the end of the story,” he once said. rice field.

“It’s strange to me. What do you want to do because I’m going? Then I’ll help you!

“It confused me for years, I almost felt she had lost a part of her life, and I thought it was sweet and very refreshing, especially in London. . “

Millions of people participated in an international campaign to overhaul books, cooking shows and nutrition, and in the mid-2000s purchased two villas adjacent to the glamorous Primrose Hill on the outskirts of London, a 10-bedroom mega-mansion. I made.

However, Jamie’s extreme work schedule began to cause friction as Jules was responsible for most of the parenting and spent weeks away from her husband.

Fight for work

He vowed to quit public life within three years in 2005, but by 2011 he was still a “weekend dad” and infamous workers had their marriage a “rut”. I admitted that.

Both were candid about the marriage trial


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Jamie admits that they clashed over his work ethic

“We love each other a little, but I don’t think it’s easy to get married,” he told The Mail on Sunday, admitting that he gave journalists more time than his wife.

“She doesn’t always get everything I do. She said,” Why do you care? If you don’t go there and do it for money, why do you care? Do you want to? “

“I’m not worried, but she’s worried. We’re a little rutted because I don’t need it and she doesn’t need it.”

Jools is also open to tension, admitting: How unbelievable many of my friends are.

“He makes me angry because he doesn’t listen to me. I make him angry because I can be terribly selfish.”

Reliability issues

Then came the controversial Jules approval that she would check Jamie’s phone regularly to make sure he wasn’t cheating.

“Yes, I check his email. I check his Twitter, I check his phone. Everything seems to work.

“He says I’m a jealous girl, but I think he’s pretty laid back,” she told Telegraph.

Jules once admitted to checking her husband’s phone

Jamie argued that Jules was and would always be the only person to him.

Indeed, in the days of a naked chef, Jamie admitted that the girl literally throws himself at him.

“It’s not just young girls, but medium and young girls, it was like a classic slightly rock star: random knicker and bra are thrown at you,” he told the newspaper.

“When the naked chef kicked off, it was like a pop band. That memory was absolutely ballistically crazy.”

Joals was once seen crying for false allegations that he played at Jamie’s school dinner, and on another occasion he had an affair after continuing to go home with his grass-stained knees. Blame.

Jamie later explained that it was the “Zucchini Season”, and he was falling in the “Vegetable Patch”.

In 2008, she dared to insist on her husband’s trust, but Jamie counterattacked the disliked one, claiming for every reason.

“She heard a lot, saying she didn’t think her husband would kill anyone else. Isn’t that terrible?” He told the Daily Mail.

“If I wanted to be an old tart, believe me. It wouldn’t have been difficult. I had a lot of opportunities, but never.

“I can still think of looking at a woman, she’s nice, cheerful, beautiful, nice a ** e, great t ** s, nothing. I’m just a human being.

“But I’m really happy with myself and I’m very surprised when I think about going with other people.”

Next chapter

Meanwhile, in the years that Jamie’s Italian restaurant chain went bankrupt and thousands of jobs were gone, it could have turned out to be the most stressful thing to date.

But it seems to have brought him closer to Jules.

In the evening he brings her cappuccino and massages her feet.

Jamie and Jules succeeded in their marriage


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“I used to hug, but now I just have to poke with my toes and get excited,” he told Red Online about their cozy life.

“Then she falls asleep, so when she wakes up, I pretend I’ve been doing it all the time.”

He praises their marriage as “the best I have ever done” and believes that the key to their success is their perfect match.

“If you roughly choose the right people in the first place, I think you need enough patience to know that if you have a little week of fighting with each other, it’s all okay.” He said in 2014.

For Jules, she can’t give him less work, but she has an advantage in all other areas.

“He kills me, but yeah, he worships me. He will do whatever I say, really,” she joked.

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