Jayeshbhai Jordaar Movie Cast: Ranveer Singh, Shalini Pandey, Ratna Pathak Shah, Boman Irani, Jiya Vaidya
Jayeshbhai Jordaar Film Director: Divyang Thakkar
Jayeshbhai Jordaar Movie Ratings: 1.5 stars

How far does despair for “waaris” (male heir) take you? If you are Jayeshbhai (Ranveer Singh) and Mudra ben (Shalini Pandey), a couple of young expectations who live under the thumbs of the elders succumb to their diktats, which may include sex-determination tests above all else. ..

First of all, in order for the film to take this up and defeat it as a harmful and illegal practice that shouldn’t exist in the first place, you need to know exactly which tone you want to adopt. Do you jokingly leave a loophole for a guilty person to crawl out, pointed out or deliberately in a matter of fact? If you fear it, you will find that there are too many documentaries. Problem-based features are often criticized, so you’ll regularly hit colorful characters, quirky detours, and precocious kids without realizing you’re hollowing out your movie. core.

This is exactly what happens with this latest YRF outing. There is a scene where Patel Sr. becomes a roaring patriarch in the enthusiasm of Jash’s timidity, who cannot open his mouth in front of Babji (Boman Irani) and Ba (Ratna Pasak Shah). And his wife becomes his female counterpart. And it’s Jash “Samaji” with his parents (enhancing “society” at every opportunity the movie brings and giving the older protagonist an excuse as they are). What can be poor when society itself is very regressive?

And in case we were going down badly to all of Gujarat (which is never the case now), we are headed by a number of Haryanvi “pehelwaans” (muscular Puneeth Isser). ). Of their girls even before they were born. Again, I need to point out, is the only way to do this with a weak laugh? When the boy-hungry seniors aren’t disgusted by the women buried under their “Goon Hat,” they are chasing Jash and Mudra on the run. What do you want this movie to be? A chase, comedy, or meaningful movie? It was great when YRF was finally able to line up all the ducks. “Dum Lagaa Ke Haisha‘And it was 2015.

No one can escape unharmed. Ranveer Singh is working hard to become “Jordar”, but she is literally disappointed with the movie without “Jordar”. Charini Panday, the meek girl of “Arjun Lady”, becomes a meek little wife here. Boman Irani has nothing to do with anything but yelling at her house. Passak Shah is handed the scene of “Mirch Masala” and reminds us of the movie winner who won the day by stacking all the decks behind the embarrassed woman.

Ranveer Singh of still images of Jayeshbhai Jordaar.

There is no such luck here. The intent of “Jayeshbhai Jordaar” may have been noble, but the movie falls off as the babbling of characters flying around in a plot where you clench your teeth. Imagine a movie with a hero responsible for the death of several fetuses. The certificate leaves no identifiable scar on his soul. He throws it in a row, sheds tears, and that’s it.

Finally, the character shouts: yeh kya ho raha hai yahan? (What’s happening here?) I’ll be coming soon.


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