Clark, a former DOJ lawyer, sought to take office as Justice Secretary after former President Donald Trump refused to support the allegations of fraudulent elections in the days prior to the January 6 parliamentary riot.

It wasn’t clear what the investigators were looking for at Clark’s house, but sources familiar with the case said the attack was a thorough investigation by the Justice Department into efforts to overturn the 2020 elections. It was a part.

The investigation took place the day the Justice Department provided a summons to those involved in promoting the Trump campaign to organize a slate of fake voters trying to prove Trump, rather than winning the Joe Biden election. I did. He was at the center of Trump’s efforts to mislead the Justice Department into claiming that there were enough fraudulent votes he had lost in Georgia and other states.

A spokesman for the US law firm in Washington confirmed that there was “law enforcement activity nearby” at Clark’s house, but refused to comment on certain persons or activities.

Clark’s lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.

The American Revitalization Center, where Clark works, confirmed the search at Clark’s house and called it “government weaponization.”

“In the United States, a new era of criminalizing politics is deteriorating. Yesterday, more than 12 judicial ministry officials searched Jeff Clark’s house in a pre-dawn raid and put him on the street in pajamas. I took his electronic device with me. Mr Jeff thought it was appropriate to investigate voter fraud. This is not the United States. ” “Government weaponization must end. I want to be clear. We support Jeff, so all patriots in this country must.”

Clark met with the House Select Commission investigating January 6 in February, and during his nearly two-hour testimony record, he sued the Fifth Amendment more than 100 times.

He is responsible for environmental law appointed by the Ministry of Justice Trump and became Assistant Assistant Attorney in December 2020.

His efforts to help Clark and the Trump campaign overturn the 2020 presidential election are expected to be the focus of a committee hearing on Thursday, January 6.
In December 2020, Clark circulated a draft letter between Rosen and other DOJ leadership wishing to send a version similar to Georgia officials to “related states.” The letter, issued by ABC News last year, falsely stated that prosecutors had found “grave concerns” in the election results and convened a special meeting of the state legislature with Georgian Governor Brian Kemp. Was urged to appoint.
Clark also said in a conspiracy within the Justice Department that Chinese spies used thermometers to tamper with U.S. voting machines, according to an internal email released in a 2021 Senate Judiciary Committee report. I promoted it.

For several days prior to January 6, Clark voted for Trump to expel then Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, put himself at the top of the division, intervene in Georgia and shake the state towards Trump. Helped to make a plan to put aside. ..

During the dramatic January 3, 2021 Oval Office meeting, Rosen, then Deputy Richard Donohue, and legal adviser Stephen Engel all threatened to resign in protest, and Trump finally resigned. Withdrew from the plan to set up Clark in. As the Attorney General.

“I emphasized that Jeff Clark doesn’t even have the ability to serve as Attorney General. He wasn’t a criminal lawyer. He’s never done a criminal investigation in his life. He’s a grand jury. I’ve never been before. A jury. “

“You are an environmental lawyer. You go back to the office and call when there is an oil spill,” Donohue told Clark.

Eric Hirschman, a Trump White House lawyer, said Clark repeatedly “worried” during the meeting. He said he had explicitly told Clark that he was in breach of the law, according to his videotape deposit to the Commission where the clip was played on Thursday.

“F — Hall, congratulations, you just acknowledged the first step or action you take, as the Attorney General will commit a felony,” Hirschman said.

This story has been updated with additional details.

CNN’s Zachary Cohen, Katelyn Polantz, Veronica Stracqualursi, and Marshall Cohen contributed to this report.


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