Police said the suspect’s shooter, identified by authorities as Robert E. Climo III, used a “powerful rifle” in an attack that appeared to be “random” and “intentional.” They believe the archer arrested late Monday climbed the roof of the store and fired about 20 minutes after the parade began.

Bystanders initially thought that the gunshots that stabbed the sunny parade after 10 am along Central Avenue in the town, about 25 miles north of Chicago, were fireworks. -Flag tools scattered on the street.

“It looked like a battlefield and I didn’t like it. I really don’t like it,” said Zoe Powellsack, who attended the Independence Day parade with his father.

According to data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, the genocide interrupts the already bloody American spring and summer. There have been more than 300 mass shootings in the United States in the last 186 days, according to a nonprofit organization tracking such incidents.

“There is no evil word to appear at the celebration of public freedom, hide in the roof and shoot innocent people with assault rifles,” said Illinois Governor JB Pritzkar. Torn by our unique American plague. “

Police arrested the suspect near Lake Forest, Illinois, after conducting a violent investigation throughout the Chicagoland area. He was detained after leading a police officer in a short car chase before stopping.

Evidence of firearms was found on the roof of a company near the shooting, police commander Chris O’Neil said Monday. The shooters used ladders attached to the walls of the building from the alleys to access the roof, said Christopher Coveri, a spokesman for the Lake County’s Major Crime Task Force.

Police said they were investigating who bought the firearm and its origin.

Of the six killed, five adults died in the field and one died in the hospital, according to Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek. The age of the sixth victim is not yet clear.

Dr. Brigham Temple, Medical Director of the North Shore University Health System, said he had accepted a total of 26 patients at Highland Park Hospital. The injured were between 8 and 85 years old, and four or five patients were children, Temple said.

He said 19 of the 25 gunshot victims had been treated and discharged. He added that there were gunshot wounds on the limbs as well as on the more central part of his body.

Law enforcement agencies are working at the scene of a mass shooting at the July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois, July 4.

“I need to do more”

Last year was the worst year on record since the Gun Violence Archive began tracking mass shootings in 2014, according to nonprofits. In 2021, a total of 692 mass shootings occurred in the United States.

The Highland Park attack killed 10 people in an 18-year-old mass shooting at a supermarket in New York, and caused an 18-year-old mass shooting at a school in Texas, leaving 19 students and 2 people behind. It happened after a recent mass shooting that shocked the country. The teacher died.
Lake County police officers will walk on Central Avenue in Highland Park on Monday.

In the wake of these massacres, President Joe Biden signed a major federal gun safety law for the first time in decades, marking a major bipartisan breakthrough in one of Washington’s most controversial policy issues. rice field.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said he needed to do more with gun control when he visited Highland Park late Monday.

“There is no reason for a person to own a military assault weapon, which is of no value to hunting, sports, or even self-defense,” he said. “It’s a murder machine.”

The scene after shooting at Highland Park on July 4th.

What we know about the suspect

Koveli, a spokesperson for Lake County’s Major Criminal Task Force, said law enforcement officials “processed a large amount of digital evidence,” which helped investigators identify Klimo as a suspect.

“This individual is believed to be responsible for what happened and the investigation will continue. At this time the prosecution has not yet been approved, and we are far from it,” he says. I did.

Suspects related to shootings at a parade on July 4 in Highland Park, Illinois were detained

Calling himself “Awake the Rapper,” Klimo posted online music videos on several major streaming media and personal websites, some featuring animated scenes of gun violence.

In the video titled “Are you Awake,” a cartoon animation of a stickman shooter (similar to the appearance of a klimo) is seen in tactical gear attacking with a rifle. Kurimo can be seen saying, “I need to do that. It’s my destiny.”

The suspect’s uncle, Paul A. Klimo, told CNN that he had spoken to law enforcement for a long time on Monday, describing his nephew as “a lonely and quiet person.”

He said he was active on YouTube, but said he was unaware of the political views his nephew had.

His brother, the suspect’s father, had previously run for mayor.

“It hurts every family who has lost their lives,” said Paul Klimo.

The story of horror

Witnesses told a story of total horror following a shooting in the wealthy suburbs of Chicago.

Miles Zaremski said he had fired twice in a row on CT at around 10:20 am, shortly after the start of the parade, and heard about 20-30 shots. He explained to CNN that he saw many people standing on the ground bloody and chaotic in the scene.

Zoe Powellsack, who attended the Independence Day parade with his father, said parade participants initially thought there were a lot of fireworks on this occasion.

“And I thought something was wrong. I grabbed my dad and started running. Suddenly everyone behind me started running,” she said. “I probably looked back 20 feet away from me. I saw the girl shot and killed.”

& # 39; Falling People and Falling People & # 39 ;: Witnesses explain the horror of parade shooting in Illinois

Jeff Leon and his wife were looking to see a 14-year-old twin boy marching in a parade with a high school football team when the shooting happened.

“We tried to get them,” Leon said. Then they saw a man who “had an apparently very deep bullet grazing wound along the right side of his head above the temple.” Leon said he probably heard 20 or 30 pops before looking to his right and seeing police movements and people falling.

Steve Tilken told CNN that he had evacuated to the basement of the store with his wife, her two grandchildren, and dozens of others while police were searching the area for shooters.

“We were just sitting there, so one bullet was able to pass through our entire body,” he said.

CNN’s Joe Sutton, Shawn Nottingham, Chuck Johnston, Curt Devine, Eric Levenson, Claudia Dominguez, Melissa Alonso, Brynn Gingras, Steve Almasy, Jeff Winter, Yahya Abou-Ghazala, David Williams and Jason Hanna contributed to this report.


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