Katie Price will be sentenced today after pleading guilty to violating a detention order against her ex-husband Keeran Halar’s fiancé Michelle Penticost.

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Katie Price enjoys her sister’s hen party in a private cabin

Katie Price was found wiping her tears during her make-up master class tutorial prior to today’s ruling, where she can see her given prison time.

Glamor Model 44 will be sentenced today after pleading guilty to violating a detention order against ex-husband Keeran Halar’s fiancé Michelle Penticost.

Following her formal plea, Katie was warned by Judge Stephen Mooney of Lewis Crown Court that she was “at risk of going to jail.”

And as she was comforted by her companion Irene Hogan Wallace, it seemed that the situation might be a little more for the stars on Thursday.

Her latest make-up master class is taking place at Ailein’s London Salon, where she appeared to be at hand to provide some supportive words to her five mothers.

She was later picked up by Karl Woods as he was first seen with her, as he was reportedly not allowed in Sophie’s Bash.

I saw Katie Price greeted by Carl Woods from a make-up class in London



The scene comes after Katie enjoys her sister’s wedding on Wednesday after asking Sissophie to accelerate the day due to the risk of prison time.

One source told The Sun: “They were a close family and were desperate to share this special moment together.

“It’s quite possible that Katie will be put in jail on Friday.”

They continued to say that Katie “brought the movie crew” with her, and she said “bent like hell” when attending the wedding.

“These could be the last moments they’ve been together as a family for quite some time,” Source added.

Katie used her Instagram story to share her precious day with 2.7 million followers and show her pride in her children.

In one clip she also shared on the main page, she shared a lovely video of Junior (17) and taught the little sis bunny (7) his move to a new single slide.

Jr. looked classy in a dark suit and red tie combo, but his young Sith was lovingly staring at him in a navy net dress.

Katie Price attended Makeup Master Class on Thursday



Junior and Bunny at Sophie’s Wedding



Katie captioned the post with three emoji faces with a love heart, and her son’s new single couldn’t help plugging in, making it available to followers on all download platforms. I told you that.

It prompted a surge in sweet reactions from her fans in the comments section.

One user wrote, “He is very close to his brothers and sisters,” while another wrote, “I love this, #proudmumx.”

Other clips included her mother, Amy, 70, enjoying this opportunity, as well as a princess, 14, and her sister, Bunny.

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