Kyrie Irving’s move, we react.

Fortunately, we’re not Brooklyn Nets. This franchise couldn’t predict everything in the last two years, but had to know what would happen.

For some reason, they believed that in the background of Kevin Durant and his hometown of New York, Irving could be happy-or at least choked him with enough TLC to prevent this situation. Let me.

When they defended him, made his excuses, and eventually held him accountable, he wanted to go home with the ball, or go somewhere other than the Barclays Center. I am thinking.

One of the things Irving has always been right about, whether it’s crazy or spectacular, is that he’s fascinating. He pays as much attention as he does when he’s entertaining, just as he’s pulling stunts behind the scenes.

The latest, the problem that couldn’t see his third eye clearly coming, is the net willing to give him a fully guaranteed maximum deal that will take him to his mid-30s. Revolve around. He threatens to take his part-time service elsewhere while he wants a full-time price.

Let’s take a look, the talented but prone to injury-H is Are the guards angry that the current employer considers him unreliable by refusing to play in practice or games right away and getting coaches and teammates involved in the wind?

Perhaps he settled on a false sense of security with all the public exhibits of support from Sean Marks, Steve Nash and Durant. But they soon learned that the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers understood the difficult ways. I can’t make him happy.

That’s impossible.

Kyrie Irving will never be happy whether or not she gets the desired extension from Brooklyn Nets. (Matt Stone / Media News Group / Boston Herald via Getty Images)

Well, Irving wasn’t presented with the perfect situation when he first got there in Cleveland, and even after LeBron James returned to northeastern Ohio. Irving wanted his voice to be the loudest and most important, both in the locker room and for the general public.

But it never took, and it naturally annoyed him.

Going to Boston and leading a group of young people was also not an ideal situation. He first promised to re-sign the fan base, but he and Durant came up with the idea of ​​playing together. 10 years or so.

He wasn’t ready to take the lead and his intentions weren’t backed by effective methods, but in his most correct mind, perhaps lessons learned along the way help him in Brooklyn. felt.

But the world was in turmoil, and the NBA needed rules and structures to keep this money train running.

Irving and structure do not mix, as he appears to function only in anarchy. He missed more games than he played in Brooklyn, and only one playoff series participant won because of his troubles.

Irving is guided by his own principles, whatever at the moment. Sometimes he looks honest, like reuniting with a long-lost relative you loved so much. On the next breath, he says, does something that reminds me why there was so much distance in the first place.

Even if his refusal to vaccinate causes a domino effect and ends up in a four-game sweep in the hands of the former young Celtics, there is nothing unacceptable in itself.

Every microstep creates a macro staircase, and at the end of it, it’s not a staircase to NBA heaven.

Why is he always? And what always gets in the way of him is simply to go out and perform the personally sharpened abilities given by his god to play this game?

He’s easier to defend on the floor than off, and at best between these four lines, he can’t guard. However, there are corners where the net has advanced and boosted.

Irving’s talent has always been more valuable than other franchises, given the need for a foothold in the New York region and throughout the league. Durant and Irving added some color to the black and white franchise, and Nets had to give them some leeway.

I filled the color outside the line and tested the infrastructure still under construction. His influence was always next to Durant, in contrast to his own value, the value his talent demands, but his resume never seems to have been displayed.

He wanted all the plunder of being a franchise guy, but never put in the necessary sweat equity. Perhaps his vulnerability quickly benefited to some extent, but that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for a person to lead.

Anarchy is neither logical nor payroll demand.

If Irving is a player who lifts all the tides, and if he’s just a player who encouraged his teammates to play with him, he not only has Brooklyn Nets as a realistic suitor, We have all teams without all NBA point guards.

He’s not a loser, but he has questions about how much he can influence his win. He can be a perfect complement in perfect situations, but those situations do not appear except for seismic changes in the landscape.

And the NBA’s structural plates have no room for another plate at this time.

He is unreliable on many levels, and deeply, he knows this.

He is bolding Nets to get him to test the free agent market, and Nets knows he doesn’t want to leave Durant.

If he leaves, there is no franchise that can absorb both Irving and Durant, so he will leave his friends with little chance of reuniting. He wants to stay, but he wants to maintain the money and perceived influence that accompanies it.

Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving lost to the Boston Celtics 109-103 in Round 3 of the Eastern Conference Round 1 NBA Playoffs at the Barclays Center on April 23, 2022. I'm watching the last few seconds.

Are Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving really moving away from Brooklyn Nets and each other? (Albero / Getty Images).

Irving can have a greater impact on promoting conversations in the NBA than it does in the occasional building. An incentive contract goes against his sensibility. Because at the biggest show of self-awareness he can show, he knows he’s not always there.

It will be something that prevents him from going to work that day or week, such as birthdays, anniversaries, full moons, eclipses, etc.

Accepting accidental deals does not set an unattractive precedent in the future beyond the fact that this blunder is reflected throughout the NBA player and CBA negotiations are scheduled.

Irving is one as much as possible in every respect.

It has always been a fallback for Irving to say “have good intentions.” Because he was a young man trying to find his way in a roomy but very benevolent environment.

But at some point, it can’t be the fault of everyone else, just the intent or special circumstances.

At some point, the expert must be an expert.

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