Former Love Island contestants may have gone wrong in the villa, but now that she’s fallen into DJ and singer Dane Bowers, she’s planning her eternal romance.

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Dane Bowers says he’s “punching” with Laura Anderson

She may not be engaged yet, but love island star Laura Anderson is already planning a big wedding day with Dane Bowers after living with her for a year.

The 33-year-old reality star was a participant in the 2018 hit ITV2 dating show. She fell in love at the villa, but she found her true romance with 42-year-old music star Dane.

The couple caused romance in 2017 before splitting, and Laura jetted to Mallorca to join Love Island. There she was brutally abandoned by Wesnelson.

Laura and Dane have since rekindled their love in 2020 and have endured some sort of on-off incident – ​​but things have been going well since moving together last September.

Laura Anderson is already planning her wedding to Dane Bowers


Laura, who told Closer magazine, explained that she could only see Dane in the future. And she plans to connect with him in their hired homeland of Dubai, where they currently live.

She told the magazine: “I will give you the biggest wedding I can afford. I will definitely get married in Dubai because I don’t have to worry about the weather.”

Laura went on to explain that celebrities would attend the wedding party and be on the guest list.

Laura has lived with Dane in Dubai for the past year


She made fun of her. “Dane has several celebrity groomsmen, but I choose a friend I’ve known for a long time as a bridesmaid, but I definitely invite people from the industry I’ve met recently.”

Laura also gave insights into her and Dane’s romance – saying she’s stronger than ever since they moved together.

She explains: If she didn’t want to get married, she wouldn’t have moved here with her.

“So we always talk about it, but there are some things we want to achieve first-we still have to go to the first romantic holiday, so we’re for a friend’s wedding I’m going to Mikonos in the summer. “

And it’s not just the big wedding Laura planned – because she also has a baby in her heart.
She states: “I think engagement will be the first. We’re about to give birth to a baby. I think everything will happen because they say things happen in three … but we’re still young – Well, I’m right anyway! ”

This isn’t the first time Laura and Dane have stripped the cover of their private life to discuss their parenting plan.

Dane said OK before! Magazine: “We’re talking about marriage and babies, so we want to do it right away. This is it. This is appropriate. This is one.”

“We are now practicing with Baby Bit.”

Couples are planning babies as well as weddings


Instagram / @ lauraanderson1x)

Laura added that at the time: “We are practicing. Probably the first baby to be born, but it is not illegal to do it here. [have children before marriage in Dubai]… Dane wants girls and boys. “

A former aerial hostess added, “There was a lot of conversation, but marriages and large weddings are not suitable for now.”

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