Love Island’s Liberty Pool discovered a suspicious facial mole last year and plans to remove it with the advice of a doctor – the discovery prompted her to change some habits.

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Liberty Poole attends Pride of Birmingham Awards

Following the fear of skin cancer, Love Island’s Liberty Pool has decided to provide a large sleeper for sunbathing and sunbeds.

The 22-year-old Birmingham-born model, who also appeared on this year’s Dancing on Ice, removed the mole that first appeared when she was on Love Island last year.

Her concern for suspicious growth is that instead of exposing her body to the sun and UV rays, she will now use fake tanning products.

She said to the sun on Sunday: “I used to go to the sunbed, but when I left Love Island, I saw this strange mole on my stomach, so I went to the doctor to check it. I was worried that it might be cancer. ..

Liberty Pool became a name after appearing on Love Island


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Liberty Poole says he will only use fake tanning products instead of using sunbeds or sunbathing


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“He doesn’t think it’s cancerous, but he says it’s best to get rid of it in case something goes wrong. I don’t think it’s worth the risk now. I’m using a fake tan instead. It can be very dangerous. “

Liberty also informed viewers of some secrets about the date game show Love Island she named her. Since leaving the program at the end of last year, she has become a brand ambassador for fashion label InTheStyle and is worth around £ 1m.

The former waitress also unveiled a lingerie collection at Boux Avenue, but she is said to be currently dating a carpenter, despite unfounded rumors of romance with Dancing One Ice partner Joe Johnson.

“We will never hear us sing because we can’t put music in the show for copyright reasons,” she told Sun. “One night I received a big postcard from Casa Amor and all the girls were standing and started singing Rihanna’s Take A Bow randomly. The producer told us all to stop it.”

Liberty reveals some of the secrets of the dating game show Love Island



She also revealed that the speakers on the other side of the villa, which is the main attraction of the show, are projected with voices that give instructions such as “It’s bedtime” or “Go to the fire pit.”

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