Taylor Swift releases new song “Carolina”.She wrote a track for Where Clauded sings, A future adaptation of Delia Owens’ 2018 novel of the same name, previously teased it in the movie trailer. Aaron Dessner produced the track. Please listen below.

“Carolina” follows Swift’s 2020 studio album Evermore When Folklore Since sharing these records, Swift has been enthusiastic about a widespread rollout campaign for the re-recorded “Taylor’s Version” edition. Fearless When red.. The latter album contained a 10-minute version of the fan’s favorite track, “All Too Well,” setting Billboard’s record as the longest No. 1 song. In February of this year, Swift joined Ed Sheeran for his new remix. = = The song “Joker and the Queen”.

On May 18, Swift was awarded a PhD and Honorary Degree from New York University in a 2022 graduation class. She also gave opening speeches to New York University students and guests at the school graduation ceremony. In it, Swift touched on how to confront repulsion, learning to accept being “wrinkled”, and the challenges students may face after graduation. “I’m 90% sure that the main reason I’m here is because of the song” 22 “,” she joked at one point.

NYU’s Clive Davis Institute recently completed its first class on Swift. Rolling stone Staff writer Brittany Spanos (who also contributed to pitchfork). In this class, you’ll follow the evolution of Swift’s career as a songwriter and entrepreneur, discuss youth and girls’ generation exploitation throughout the entertainment industry, explore racial politics in modern pop music, and explore country and pop music. I considered heritage. Subject. The course was chaired by music writer and artist Jason King (who also contributed to pitchfork).

Swift has not officially released the next album in the “Taylor’s Version” series, but shares two re-recordings. 1989 Songs: “This Love (Taylor’s Version)” and “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)”.The previous track was previously teased with a trailer for the new Prime Video series Summer when i got clean..Meanwhile, the latter song was previewed in a children’s movie teaser trailer. Spirit Untamed..

Earlier this year, Swift was on the Album of the Year at the 2022 Grammy Awards, but eventually lost to Jon Batiste. we are.. She was also drawn into her headline by an interview with Damon Albarn, who claimed that Blur and Gorillaz frontmen “she didn’t write her own song.” Swift made a short statement on Twitter, she wrote: “@ DamonAlbarn I was a big fan of you until I saw this. I’m writing all my songs. Your hot take is completely wrong and very damaging. You’re my song You don’t have to like it, but trying to undermine the credibility of my writing is really messed up. Oh. PS I wrote all this tweet myself in case you’re wondering 😑. “


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