No Joel Selwood, no Patrick Dangerfield, no Mark Bricavs, no Gary Lohan — no worries for Geelong, who showed no mercy against St Kilda, to claim an 11-game winning streak.

After an impressive six-goal quarter for the Cats, St Kilda returned to the game with four to two goals in the second term to cut Geelong’s lead to 10 points in the main break.

However, the Cats found another gear in the second half, starting eight unanswered goals to give the Saints a 45-point victory. 17.8 (110) to 10.5 (65)

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Geelong took two second half changes with Jonathon Segler and Mark Bricabs coming out of the 22. The former was called a medical sub. Then there was concern for Patrick Dangerfield, who reported a weak calf tightening during warm-ups. The Cats then made a conservative call with their medical team, withdrawing Dangerfield from the game and Luke Dahlhouse joining the side.

Dangerfield confirmed that he felt a tightness in the same area of ​​his calf that he had trouble with earlier in the season.

Zach Jones was a substitute for St Kilda, but made no second-half changes.

When asked if the Cats out tipped, Channel 7’s Job Watson said:

Quarterly match report

first quarter

The Saints got off to a fast start with Jack Sinclair kicking the first goal of the game within two minutes of starting.

However, Geelong quickly geared up and responded from a forward 50 stoppage on the other side, with a well-crafted goal scored by Zach Tuohy.

“It’s the weight of the numbers at the moment. They’re holding their positions very well,” Melbourne’s fairest triple-best winner Nathan Jones told Channel 7.

“The way they use the quality ball on the rebound is very smooth.”

However, the Cats were unable to capitalize on the scoreboard and kicked three straight behinds, including Brad Close’s seemingly easy set shot attempt. Tom Hawkins then broke the drought and took a strong contested mark, snapping the club’s second major as the Cats had 10 of their first 11 within 50 seconds of the game.

Tyson Stengl started the first shot of the night thanks to some great ball movement from his teammates on the field before Hawkins converted a set shot opportunity to take the second kick and take the lead by 21 points. spread to

At one stage, Saints goalkicker Tim Membray moved to defense and tried to stop the bleeding.

The Saints scored one late in the first term when Jack Higgins scored a free kick and scored a set-shot goal.

However, the Cats continued to put their foot to the throat, pushing forward the ball marked by swingman Jack Henry, scoring a 50m penalty and kicking a major.

The Saints were able to get back into the contest after facing the Cats in clearance after Mason Wood scored a high tackle free kick and flushed a set shot.

But Mitch Duncan hit the Siren hard in the quartertime, making a successful long-range set shot attempt that gave the Cats a 22-point advantage on the first change.

As the Cats scored nine inside 50 in the first quarter alone, Triple Premiership Lion Jonathan Brown told Fox Footy:

Second quarter

The Saints regained control of the game and regained confidence in the second period, continuing to dominate clearances and the outside. That led to three of the first four goals of the term through Max King, Jack Steele and Membry.

Skipper Steele set the tone and landed a crunch tackle, earning an important clearance.

But the Cats managed to get one against the grain with Isaac Smith set off after some skillful play.

“They are hungry,” said Watson.

However, the Saints continued to challenge the Cats and came out on top on the outside. A late goal from Dan Butler cut the margin to four points.

“They have some outs, but remember St Kilda are playing for football lives in 2022,” seven-time All-Australian Nathan Buckley said on Fox Footy. “They’re breathing life into the Western Bulldogs and Richmond…they need to win at all costs, so they’re giving it their all.”

However, once again, the Cats were able to kick a goal on the siren, with Stengl hitting the set shot at the main break to give the team a 10-point lead.

third quarter

It took less than two minutes for the Cats to hit the scoreboard with leading goalkicker Jeremy Cameron boot-to-ball near the goal square to extend Geelong’s lead.

Hawkins took a 33-point lead after kicking a third after receiving a downfield free kick before Smith kicked a second and Max Holmes scored a long-range set shot.

The Saints were able to match the Cats in most key areas in the third trimester, but were unable to put pressure on the scoreboard.

The Saints also had an injury scare when ill-fated veteran Dan Honeybury was seen doing running tests and talking to the club’s physios on the interchange bench. He was initially cleared to return to the ground, but was replaced by Jones, who was substituted at three o’clock in the quarter and the Cats had a 33-point lead.

4th quarter

St Kilda needed an opportunity to challenge the Cats for their first goal of the quarter, but Geelong would not allow it when Smith scored his third goal of the night.

The Cats piled up the pain when Cameron scored a long-range goal — his second of the night — with Close adding another addition to make eight straight Cats goals.

Higgins eventually broke the Cats winning streak with a second-half consolation goal to score one against the grain.

However, Zach Guthrie pushed forward toward Mark and Goal and received a standing ovation from his faithful as another Cats party ended in sweet style at GMHBA Stadium.

THE 3-2-1…

3. Ruthless cats “break” saints…despite their vulnerability

St Kilda fans had good reason to be optimistic.

As Fox Footy’s Nathan Buckley put it, in the case of the Saints “playing for football life in 2022,” the Cats with Joel Selwood, Patrick Dangerfield, Mark Blicavs and Gary Rohan all on paper are fragile. was. injured.

Instead, the Cats cemented their top four spot.

After a dominant first quarter by Geelong, St Kilda won the game on condition in the second quarter, dominating possession through the uncontested mark and subsequent territory. The Saints moved up four goals to two to cut Geelong’s lead to ten points in the main break.

But the hopes the Saints had generated in the first half were dashed within the first 15 minutes of the third quarter. St He Kilda’s backline struggled to stop the momentum of Geelong, who scored four unanswered goals.

Geelong set up four more goals before the Saints finally scored one midway through the third term. But Jack Higgins’ gap to goal was too late for the Saints with his 58 points.

It was Geelong’s 11th win in a row this season, further cementing their place at the top of the ladder in future games against the Gold Coast and West Coast.

“The Saints haven’t done too much wrong. It’s the quality of Geelong and their ability to run the fundamentals minute by minute just undermines what the Saints are trying to achieve,” said Melbourne’s. Triple Best and Fairest Winner Nathan Jones told Channel 7. .

“They are very high quality outfits…very well matched both offensively and defensively.

“They are relentless.”

It was a bad night for the Saints who dropped out of the Top 8 coupled with Richmond’s win over Port Adelaide.

Given that the Tigers face bottom-six teams Hawthorn and Essendon in the final two weeks of the season, and the Saints face top-four contenders Brisbane and Sydney, it seems unlikely they’ll win it back.

2. Cats star claims chocolate in future ‘Carrie Jakovich’ fights

A mouthwatering match-up football fan will be treated for years to come.

And on Saturday night, Cats rising star Sam De Corning scored a point in a thrilling matchup with Saints top goalkicker Max King.

King came into the match in fifth place on the Coleman Medal Table, while De Conning was second favorite in the Rising Star Awards.

However, this was a big win for de Conning, who limited King to eight disposals and one goal from two marks.

Certainly, King’s goal in the second period was crucial to keep him in touch with the Saints, but otherwise, St Kilda’s poor ball movement and superior Cats pressured the field gave him a big run. I didn’t stand a chance.

And when the ball went in the duo’s direction, De Koening gave King neither time nor space to move.

“It’s a marquee matchup and it’s a Carrie Jakovich bit about it,” Brown told Fox Footy.

“Hopefully, I hope to make sure I rise to those levels on my journey.

“Sam de Conning’s ability to read plays is very impressive, and it shows that he has excellent foot smarts.”

1. Danger signs of the newest cats, “Duck and Drake”

Chris Scott on Friday flagged that Geelong are likely to make late changes due to a collision with St Kilda.

But he probably didn’t expect to make three. One of them was a frustrated yet relieved Patrick before the game when he pulled out just minutes before the first bounce he was Dangerfield.

The Cats, famous for tweaking team sheets to determine the final team on game days, had three withdrawals on Saturday night.

Star utility Mark Blicavs was “managed” in the game, while rack recruit Jon Ceglar was dropped to the Medi sub position. The duo was replaced by experienced duo Zach Tuohy and Sam Menegora.

Gary Lohan was ruled out with a concussion after skipper Joel Selwood rested for the match.

“I was surprised to see Tuohy and Menegora on the emergency list,” Triple Premiership Lion Jonathan Brown told Fox Footy. We have a few ducks and drakes, they play games and could come in at any time.”

But the biggest concern, and most of this week’s focus, is Dangerfield, who have been left out of Geelong’s lineup after being named to the final team.

Dangerfield caught the eye of onlookers when he took a late fitness test at GMHBA Stadium and was seen talking to Cats officials. I lost the race.

Minutes later, Dangerfield was pulled from the match and replaced by Luke Dahlhouse.

In a worrying sign for the Cats, Dangerfield admitted he withdrew after feeling strained during a warm-up in the same spot on his calf where he missed five games earlier this season.

“It was a little tight. Considering the last time I had my calf hurt again, I honestly didn’t have the confidence to make the right decision approaching game time,” Dangerfield told Channel 7. rice field. Given the circumstances we find ourselves in, the conservative route is the best course of action.

“Even though I trained fully, the week was a bit tough, so I was confident in that respect. It’s just… making mature decisions about where we are and where the season is.

“It’s[frustrating]but I’m honestly relieved that the crowd started coming in very close to the game and there was a feeling of wanting to be involved in that. But it’s not quite right. There is practicality in making the right decision in a case.”

Brown said it was a smart move because the Cats don’t want a player like Dangerfield to suffer a serious calf injury near the final.

“They seem to manage any team, not just the players,” he said.

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