After the bullying last month, there is confirmation. Lollipop Chainsaw will receive a complete remake in 2023.

The game, released by publisher Dragami Games, led by original game producer Yoshimi Yasuda, hasn’t yet announced an official title or platform, but will be available worldwide next year. It will be developed by “a combination of the original version development staff including Yasuda as a producer and the new development staff of Dragami Games”.

Although the game aims to recreate the original, Yasuda explained that there are some important differences in the remake. With the power of a new generation of hardware, new games feature a “more realistic approach to graphics.” What’s less welcomed by fans is that the issue of music licensing, in contrast to the 16 licensed tracks in the first game, in the remake “except for a few licensed tracks, the soundtrack consists of new music.” Is the news.

Juliet Sterling is active in the Lollipop Chainsaw. (Image: Dragami Games)

Yasuda made fun of the game last month to commemorate his 10th wedding anniversary. The cult action game was released in 2012, with game director Goichi Suda, film director James Gunn, and Yasuda collaborating to tell the story of Juliet Sterling, a high school cheerleader caught in a zombie outbreak. ..

Mr. Yasuda described the creation and revival of the original game as follows. “Unfortunately, it’s been a while since fans couldn’t easily play Lollipop Chainsaw and players couldn’t access it due to various factors. The game on the current console.

“The original development staff of Lollipop Chainsaw considered this game invaluable to us and didn’t want to put it in a state where players who wanted to play the game couldn’t. That’s why Lollipop Chainsaw’s intellectual property I bought the intellectual property. I decided to develop a remake from Kadokawa Games. I have already contacted Warner Brothers about the development and received support. “

The game has gained enthusiastic fans, but in a 5/10 review, IGN said: To do Try new things in that character’s realm, and writing will eventually rob you of an incredible paper action game. “

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