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The following news items have been extracted from the 100-year-old Mail Tribune archives.

August 5, 1922 continued

local and personal

There was a very good open market this morning with liberal support. Blackberries were almost in oversupply, with 60 boxes of his fine peaches sold, and a large supply of sweet his corn, chicken, and fryers.


Vernon Vawter left for Eugene this morning to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee of the University of Oregon Board of Trustees, a faculty that was forced out by a fire that destroyed part of the University School of Journalism campus. We discussed swapping or rearranging rooms to accommodate., the clinic, and part of the art school last Saturday.


The Talent Community Club will dance next Wednesday night at Jackson Hot Springs. This dance is primarily performed to raise funds to purchase a new piano for use by the club at all public gatherings in the talent club room. A range of different types of entertainment are offered by the organization to which this belongs. Medford’s Roonspach Orchestra will provide the music for the occasion.


Introducing Norma Talmadge

Norma Talmadge will play “Smilin’ Through,” the most compelling story she’s ever had, at the Page Theater for four days starting next Tuesday’s matinee. This picture is made from the play by Allen Langdon Martin, the most notable success of which Jane Cowl.


Rialto’s Harry Carey

900 Longhorn cattle roared for a charge as they launched dust clouds over the Agour Ranch around Calabasas and beyond.

“Let’s go!” cried Agoule to the man on horseback who stamped his feet at his words. “And God help you,” he added.

Riders spurred ahead of the herd. A lead bull was raised. Then he lowered his barbed horns and charged.

Harry Carey pressed the reins taut against the horse’s neck, stopping him abruptly.

Twenty cameras hidden in trees clicked brusquely.

It was one of the scenes in the movie that the star was supposed to fake.

The big stampede is one of the “man to man” thrillers starring Harry Carey at the Rialto Theater, which begins tomorrow at the matinee.

— Alyssa Corman;

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