Marvin Humes hurried about working with Rochelle’s wife for 10 years and said he couldn’t get close to the natural chemistry of working with your partner.

Marvin Humes praised his wife Rochelle

Marvin Hume’s praised his wife and “soulmate” Rochelle Hume’s when he was ready to return to the hitlist screen later this year.

Musical duos have been called “power couples” as they tied knots and increased their strength almost 10 years ago.

They recently recorded the latest series of popular game shows. A JLS man admits that sharing with his wife has greatly improved the overall experience.

Marvin, 37, who spoke only to Miller Online, said, “Because we know each other well, there is no wall between us and no wall of polite professionalism.

“If she doesn’t want to do anything, say a particular line, for example, she just kneels me on the ribs and I have to do it.

Rochelle and Marvin recently shot another series on the hit list



“As you know, we don’t have to say a word, we know what each other thinks, and obviously at such a show-we’ve done five series now-me They look very comfortable with each other and she is my best friend. “

He continued. “I was lucky enough to work with a great presenter who was very successful over the years, but you know, you know each other so well with the other half of you. There is nothing better than doing a job.

“You obviously have a chemistry with others, but it won’t be as natural as your partner, do you know?”

But he admits that one of the places he doesn’t think he’ll be back is the Dismorning chaise lounge alongside a former Saturdays singer.

“She is doing a great job,” he erupted. “It’s definitely her house. We did a show together a long time ago and it definitely feels like Rochelle’s house.”

He also ruled out the possibility of standing in front of the Eurovision Song Contest if Britain was tasked with hosting the event, as his boss has ensured that the winner Ukraine will not be able to host next year’s tournament. ..

Rochelle and Marvin have been married for 10 years



Despite announcing Eurovision: You Decide in 2019, he doesn’t feel well qualified to attend the main show, and big fans like Lyran are “much ahead of me. I think.

Instead, he’s focused on new music releases, revealing big plans for DJ / producer projects in the coming months.

“I’m excited to see it coming out soon,” he added. “I’ve literally put a very exciting record on the bed that will be released in the next two months.

“I’m excited about it because it’s with the vocalist and I’ve been sampling pretty big R & B tunes since then.”

And when asked if he could expect a new sound from JLS, he admitted that he didn’t expect such a reaction to their reunion last year.

“Obviously, the JLS boys and I did about us last year, and it was great. The reaction was incredible.

“We didn’t expect that reaction. It literally surprised us. So we know who knows what the future will be for JLS. Now I focus on my own. Is matched. “

Marvin was speaking as part of his connection with HelloFresh. So he cooked delicious food in the kitchen with his JLS bandmate Aston Marigold.

Marvin Humes and Aston Marigold team up for HelloFresh

He laughed and said he was happy to be able to “remember the days he lived with” about his experience shooting the short series.

While he likes cooking, this product reveals that it allows you to cook delicious food in an easy way. That is, he does not give the “shameful name” of his chef’s dad.

Marvin, his three fathers, continued to say that Hume’s home meal time was a great way to “switch off,” and confessed that technology was banned from family dinner seats.

Following the recipe card, they laughed in the kitchen

“They are [meal times] When we sit together, leave the phone, leave the iPad, there is no technology. We are strict with it.

“What really matters is quality family time. It’s so important to us as a family that we devote a little time to each other, away from technology and the world.”

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