Ramallah, West Bank, May 14 (Reuters)-Palestinian Authority said Saturday it welcomed international support in an investigation into the death of a journalist in Al Jazira, Israel erupting violence at her funeral He said he would investigate.

Israeli police have accused international criticism of a crowd of Palestinian mourners carrying the casket of veteran reporter Sirine Abu Acre through the Old City of Jerusalem on Friday.read more

Violence added to the Palestinian anger at the killing of Abu Acre and threatened to fuel tensions that have been escalating since March.

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Palestinian officials describe the death of Abu Acre, who reported the Israeli assassination on the west coast occupied by Israel, as an assassination by Israeli troops.

Israel initially suggested that a Palestinian fire could have been the cause, but officials later said she could not be denied that she had been killed by Israeli shootings.

Israeli Interior Minister Omel Barref said he and the police secretary had appointed a committee to “examine what happened during the funeral and learn lessons from the case.”

The findings will be presented within a few days.

In Ramallah, on the west bank of the Jordan River, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has renewed the accusations that Israel is behind the killings.

“Israel is not a partner in the investigation related to the murder of journalist Sirine Abu Acre because of the responsibility for the crime,” he said.

The UN Security Council strongly condemned the killings and called for an “immediate, thorough, transparent, fair and impartial investigation.”

Palestinian Authority official Hussein Al Sheikh refused to cooperate with the investigation from Israel, which regrets Abu Acre’s death, on Twitter, but authorities have participated in the investigation. Said to welcome.

“We tried to promote a calm and dignified funeral and coordinated funeral arrangements with our families. Unfortunately, hundreds of mobs tried to interfere with the ceremony and harm the police,” Israeli police said on Saturday. Said.

At a hospital in Jerusalem, Palestinians died on Saturday after being injured during a clash with Israeli security forces on the grounds of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This was the first death in years due to a collision in a sensitive sanctuary.

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Report by Ali Sawafta and Nidalal-Mughrabi. Edited by David Clarke and David Holmes

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