Last week, Rebecca Vardy admitted in a 2004 newspaper interview that he regretted describing Peter Andre’s masculinity as a “miniature chiporata.”

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Peter Andre shares his thoughts on Rebecca Vardy’s comments

Peter Andre is reportedly dragged into a trial between Coleen Rooney and Rebecca Vardy.

The mysterious girl became a hot topic after his name-along with the magnitude of his masculinity-was brought up in the trial of Wagasa Christie.

In a proceeding in London’s High Court last week, Rebeka regretted describing her Pecker as a “miniature chiporata” in a 2004 Kiss and Tell newspaper interview with News of the World. Admitted.

And now, according to insiders, Peter is suffering from a story that has resurfaced after 15 years of news.

“Peter is fine. All this was really hard for him and his family, but it made him think of a broader story-and it should allow others to talk about others like this. It’s not, “said the source new! magazine.

“It’s very discriminatory to say this about men-this kind of thing isn’t said about women.

Peter is “lively” about the situation


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Rebekah said she “deeply regrets” the situation


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“His kids have asked what the story is, it’s really difficult.”

Miller contacted his representative for comment.

Peter had previously opened up comments made in court and apologized to his wife and even children.

In a recently shared video, he explained that he wanted to put his thoughts “there” and continued the way he spent 15 years quietly about the article.

“It has been raised in the High Court, and lawyers have raised it and have been published in the News of the World, which has reached 4 million people, and are appealing to her for something raised in court,” he said. ..

“It goes to over 4 million people, and it grew up again, and I’m the only one who sits there about it and gets hit after being hit about it.

Colleen’s lawyer raised the situation of “Chipolata”


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Peter previously broke silence about the trial


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“I’ve been laughing about it for a while, but think about how it would feel if it were the other way around.”

He explained that while everyone now knows that it’s a story that was created, it’s “unfair” that it keeps happening without any changes.

When Colleen’s lawyer asked Rebeka if she “respected” Peter’s “right not to share this information,” she said she regretted it.

“I was forced by my ex-husband to do this, and that’s what I deeply regret,” she said.

“It’s not good to read. I understand why it’s used. For me, this was a mess, and Mrs. Looney’s team also threatened it.”

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