• Putin will meet with leaders of the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) alliance this week.
  • Putin said Russia’s trade with BRICS countries increased by 38% between January and March, despite Western sanctions.
  • The meeting shows that Putin still has friends, despite a backlash against the Ukrainian invasion.

President Vladimir Putin is meeting with a group of prominent world leaders this week. This reminds us that Russia still has a strong ally, despite the opposition to the invasion of Ukraine.

President Putin is attending a virtual meeting of the BRICS Alliance on Thursday, a group of Russia, India, China, Brazil and South Africa, founded in 2009.

Leaders released a pre-recorded speech on Wednesday, all without criticism of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Neither Brazil, South Africa nor India mention Ukraine by name. China’s President Xi Jinping said, “Ukraine’s crisis has once again warned humanity. Countries have placed blind beliefs in the position of strength, expanded military alliances and others,” the United States and NATO. With a veiled reference to.

Putin also announced that countries had deepened ties when Russia’s economy was hit by western sanctions.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the United States, the United Kingdom, the EU, and several other countries sanctioned Russian companies and organizations, and the United States and the EU banned Russia’s oil imports.

Therefore, Putin said Russia is “redirecting” the flow of trade to BRICS countries and other “trusted international partners,” according to state-owned Tass news agency. As a result, Putin said trade with China, India, Brazil and South Africa surged 38% in the first three months of this year.

China and India have soared Russian oil at low prices as Western importers withdrew. Russia’s oil export revenue surged 11% in May.

“Western partners are ignoring the basic principles of market economy, free trade and the inviolability of private property,” Putin said of Western sanctions. He also called them “political motivations.”

The BRICS conference clearly reminds us that Russia still has very strong friends in China, India, Brazil and South Africa, despite being banished from the West and economically punished.

The BRICS are blind to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and are unlikely to blame Putin.

In a speech before the BRICS meeting on Thursday, Xi reiterated his long-standing view that Western nations are “weaponizing” the world economy by using sanctions to punish countries, including Russia.

Several Chinese entities are themselves subject to US sanctions.

Western nations wanted sanctions to discourage Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine, but that has not happened and experts say Putin is preparing for a long-standing battle for eastern Ukraine. ..

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