Sila Khan states that the most distracting event at this time is the case of Wagasa Christie, as Rebecca Vardy is accusing Coleen Rooney of defamation despite national and international turmoil. increase

Rebecca Vardy leaves court

Given the crisis of living expenses and the ongoing war in Ukraine, it is difficult to smile and escape from everything.

But ladies and gentlemen, these days my mind isn’t focusing on how much you’re paying for petrol, or just whether you should put an extra cardy.

I’ve been completely distracted by Wagasa Christie.

If you haven’t heard of it, crawl under the rock to join the program. This will be the latest topic at the dinner party for months. So let me fill it out. Really easy.

Rebecca Vardy (Jamie’s wife, a soccer player playing in Leicester City) is accusing Coleen Rooney (a wife of a soccer player and now Wayne, the manager of Derby County) for defamation.

These two wags (a term used for soccer players’ wives and girlfriends) are at war after Mrs. Rooney claims on her social media that Mrs. Vardy is leaking a private story about her to the press. It’s inside.

Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen Rooney arrive at the Royal Courts of Justice



Neither has retreated, even though both parties have tried to settle out of court.

And the stakes are high, as media lawyer Jonathan Code said:

So here we are millions of costly trials and, as always, the only winner is a lawyer. If these two had business implications, they would have been calm. He used his savings to stock up on designer clothes, bags and shoes.

Am I interested in all the nasty details? no. Except for the part of Peter Andre’s body that was compared to “Chipolata” in a World News interview she claimed by Mrs. Vardy to force her ex-husband to give her.

What I’m really crazy about is the “coat couture” that both women chose for their appearance.

Because the details of heels, hair, clothes, makeup, bags and jewelry are carefully pondered, moodboarded and stylized, as featured on social media, brands and magazines.

Both know that the other (silent) trials they are fighting for are for “well-dressed wags.” And let’s face it, it holds far more currencies than a court victory. From what I saw, imagine Mrs. Vardy’s stylist sitting down and saying. She pulls on clean makeup and hair, showing that there is nothing to hide. ”

Mrs. Looney’s team could have had the following argument, as I can imagine.

“We bring the atmosphere of a” girl next door “. Float dresses that women can buy from Zara enhance your influencer status. A combination of high street and high end – no one likes “rich b ** ch” in the crisis of living expenses. ”

My feeling is that Colleen is in the lead. I like her “do not work hard” look.

But I know there is no such thing as bad PR. Don’t say I was the one who told you …

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