Destroyed Russian military equipment in the city of Bucha.

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In countries where independent media and commentary have almost disappeared from the public, we rarely hear dissenting opinions on many Russian state television networks. Especially now it is a country during the war with Ukraine.

But a well-known military analyst and veteran stood out this week after he appeared on state television and made a terrible assessment of the Ukrainian invasion, or what Russia calls its “special military operation.”

“Frankly, things will get worse for us,” retired Russian colonel Mikhail Kodaryonok said on the Rossiya-1 television show hosted by Olga Skabayeva, famous for her pro-Kremlin stance. “60 Minutes” told the talk show. ..

“You shouldn’t swallow information tranquilizers,” Hodaryonok told the host. Ukraine will never be beaten by Russia, and Kieu warned that one million soldiers could be mobilized and armed if desired.

Khodaryonok, a defense columnist in the newspaper and a graduate of Russia’s elite military academy, has warned Russia of its invasion of neighboring Ukraine, saying it is not in Russia’s national interest, according to Reuters. rice field.

His advice was ignored, Russia has now been in a bloody conflict in Ukraine for almost three months, there is a slight territorial expansion in the east and south, and the invasion is long-term, with Ukrainian fighters showing courage. Resilience underestimated by Moscow, which may turn into a territorial exhaustion war.

Moscow has already had to reduce its explicit strategy to invade Ukraine from the north, east and south, and is now concentrating its combat forces in eastern Ukraine in the Donbus region.

Khodaryonok said that even if Ukraine had to rely on hundreds of thousands of conscriptions with only rudimentary military training, it was important that their hearts were in battle, which was not a good precursor to Russia. Emphasized.

“The desire to protect our country in the sense that it exists in Ukraine-it actually exists there and they will fight to the end,” Kodaryonok said before being disturbed by Skabayeva, who tried to downplay the effectiveness of the Ukrainian army. Said to.

Neither Khodaryonok nor Skabeyeva were asked to comment, according to Reuters.

“The world is against us”

On the world stage, Russia is now widely banished, and even the former allies of China and India have become sensitive and subject to the underlying sanctions on how long the conflict will last.

“The main drawback of our military-political position is that we are in complete geopolitical loneliness and we don’t want to admit it, but virtually the whole world is against us .. And we need to get out of this situation, “Kodaryonok continued the talk show, and guests in other studios seemed stunned by his candid criticism.

Russia is becoming more and more isolated, but the West appears to be more united than ever. Western Ukrainian allies continue to supply weapons to Kyiv, and Russia’s invasion has strengthened its security measures by the Western military alliance NATO. In fact, Russia’s aggression only helped strengthen the alliance between Finland and Sweden, which are currently trying to join the organization.

Russia presupposes that Ukraine’s onslaught is primarily against accession to NATO (not imminent prospects), always condemning NATO’s invasion and invading what Moscow considers to be eastern Russian territory. Ukraine, where two pro-Russian self-proclaimed republics are located in Donbus, accusing the military alliance of being prepared to do so.

However, NATO’s response to future expansion, including Finland and Sweden, has been modest. Initially threatening “retaliation” against the expansion, President Vladimir Putin called it a “problem,” but later said the expansion would not make a big difference. Geopolitical analysts have threatened Russia to act if NATO’s military infrastructure is located in Sweden or Finland, but points out that Russia can hardly really do anything about expansion anyway.

Kodaryonok said Russia needs to see the reality of the situation in Ukraine. “The main thing in our business is to have a sense of military and political realism. We know what hit you,” he said.

“Don’t swing the rocket in the direction of Finland for good. It looks pretty weird,” he said.


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