A Spanish man jumped off a cliff and died. The man was on vacation with his family and his wife was the one who was filming the video. The man’s heroic deeds eventually died. The man was happy on vacation, and no one knew that it would have ended his life and his family with a terrifying end. The unlucky man died in front of his wife and children without a chance to be saved. The video was shot by his wife, and it was a bit far from the man who was jumping. The man was trying to show off his skills and was eventually hit by a rock. The incident occurred in the Marglatz Islands, where the man stood to make a 100-foot plunge. His wife and his son were a little far away in the boat, shooting video. Follow our website Avitoa.com for the latest updates !!!!!

Spanish man dies after jumping off a 100-foot cliff in a stunt

The video showed that Dutch tourists were about to take the plunge, but his jump wasn’t enough to land smoothly on the water, and he eventually hit a rock. As soon as he noticed that his wife had hit him, she shouted and it was recorded in the video. I heard the man who made a great landing screaming in fear. Immediately after the incident, the body was not found, so her wife had to call a rescue team.

Spanish man dies after jumping off a 100-foot cliff in a stunt death video

And after searching with the diver for a while, his body was finally found in the water. The incident was reported by the New York Times and shared on the Twitter page. The video will be viral and can be viewed on various pages on Twitter. As reported by local reporters, search teams, and incident reports occurred. The identity of the man has not yet been revealed in the main media.

The incident was tragic, the man who couldn’t have been showing off the stunts, and no one on the boat knew that the stunts would end up in such a tragic and horrific death. The bitter truth was that the death of a man was witnessed by his son, which may give him a nightmare for years and throughout his life. Sure, with the help of an expert is much better than showing off your skills, this can be dangerous.

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