Washington — The US Supreme Court on Thursday broke New York’s strict restrictions on the issuance of hidden handgun permits, claiming that critics would fuel gun violence.

Democrats who manage both homes in the legislature are subways, office buildings, and other places where people gather.

Parliamentary Speaker Carl Heastie, D-Bronx, called for a ruling in a case known as the New York Rifle & Pistol Association vs. Brune: Gun violence. “

However, Tom King, chairman of the Rifle and Pistol Association, told CNHI that Democrats were already resentful that they were working to push for new pistol permit restrictions.

“They’re just non-Americans,” King said in a telephone interview minutes after the decision was issued.

President Joe Biden and New York Governor Kathy Hokul’s administration argued that judges should uphold New York’s restrictions.

Hochul said the state continues to deal with the plight of sadness after a racist slaughter in which 10 blacks were killed in a supermarket in Buffalo last month.

“This decision isn’t just reckless,” Hokuru said. “It’s easy to be criticized. That’s not what New Yorkers want.”

Hochul upheld the right to guns when he served in parliament 10 years ago. However, after she became vice-governor under then-Governor Andrew Cuomo, she became a defender of gun control in 2015.

She said she believed that New York could address the Supreme Court’s criticisms of New York law by creating “objective” standards for the issuance of gun permits.

Gun ownership defenders, such as Senator Elise Stephanik of D-Saratoga County, who submitted the Amikas Briefs to support the Gun Rights Group, have a 6-3 decision to protect themselves outside of them. A house that said it would protect the rights of citizens to comply with the law.

In a statement, Stephanique said, “The far-left continues to promote unconstitutional gun control measures as the failure of New York’s bail reform policy has reduced the security of the community, but the ruling is at a crucial time. I’m coming. “

The ruling is expected to pose potential problems with similar gun control in Massachusetts, Maryland, Aquidneck Island, California, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

The New York State Legislature should be returned to Albany immediately to deal with the decision of Congressman Tom Suoji of D-Long Island, who is competing with Hokul in the Democratic primary next week.

After the ruling was issued, Mr. Suoji said, “We support anything to limit concealment as much as possible while trying to pass the constitutional convocation.”

State law criminalizes carrying a loaded pistol without a license.

The majority decision was written by Judge Clarence Thomas. He said that New York’s requirement for pistol license applicants to show “reasonable reasons” for their stated need to protect themselves is the constitutional “holding the right to arm in public.” He concluded that he violated the right to retain.

“If the plain text of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment covers an individual’s conduct, the Constitution probably protects that conduct,” Thomas wrote. “The government then needs to justify the regulation by demonstrating that it is in line with the historical tradition of national firearms regulation.

“We know no other constitutional right that an individual can only exercise after showing a special need to a government official,” writes Thomas.

Legal experts have called this decision the most important gun right ruled by the High Court for over a decade.

Michael Waldman, director of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, said the withdrawn New York law had been in the book since the early 1900s.

“Today’s opinion could be the greatest expansion of gun rights by SCOTUS in the history of the country,” Waldman said.

The three opponents of this case were the three liberals of the court. Judge Elena Kagan, Judge Stephen Breyer, and Judge Sonia Sotmayo.

Under the New York licensing protocol, law enforcement personnel review applications to determine if people seeking concealed carrying permits have a “reasonable reason” to carry firearms for self-defense. increase.

The case was filed in federal court after two men, Robert Nash and Brandon Koch, filed a lawsuit with the New York State Rifle and the Pistol Association after a Rensselaer County judge ruled that there was no good reason to carry a pistol. Passed through the system of. With them for self-defense.

Nash and Koch were each given permission to carry pistols in public, but the permit was marked “hunting and targeting” by local license officials, so carrying firearms out of the house for private purposes. I couldn’t. defense. The two men are members of the Rifle and Pistol Association and defend the right of New Yorkers to hold and hold weapons.

King told CNHI that about 70% of pistol permits issued in New York are subject to the same restrictions on Nash and Koch in Rensselaer County. “That’s why we decided to proceed with this proceeding,” King told CNHI.

Mr King said his group challenged legislative efforts to limit the ability of New Yorkers to carry pistols to places of worship, subways, restaurants and other meetinghouses.

“The gunless zone is a target-rich environment,” King said. He said there were several mass shootings at the place of worship, but in some cases armed individuals were able to respond to the perpetrators with deadly force.

State police foreman Kevin Brune was among those nominated as defendants because his agency was involved in the promulgation of rules governing permits.

The ruling is set in the context of building a drama at the Capitol over a gun protection package that emerged in response to the massacre of a school building in Uvalde, Texas and the rampage of a supermarket in Buffalo. The US Senate is expected to pass several gun bills before breaking for Independence Day on July 4.


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