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The Azofustari Mill has killed and injured about 600 people in unsanitary conditions without medicine, water and food, many of whom are seriously injured.

Source: On behalf of the Donetsk Oblast Police Chief, is the “Police” callsign broadcast on “Azofustari” during the 24/7 national news broadcast?

According to the “police”: “About casualties-the situation is very bad. There are about 600 people. The situation is terrible. You may have seen pictures on social media. To be honest, it is impossible to tell the gloomy situation of the hospital. Yes .. We regularly collect fuel and industrial water available at the factory and bring them to the hospital.

How would you describe the situation itself? Roughly speaking, there’s a huge gym, dozens of bunk beds, and the rest on the floor: factory uniforms with belongings, personal belongings, and limbless fighters lying next to each other-armless, 1 No limbs, just a victim. The condition is completely unsanitary: it’s already warm-there are flies, there is a moaning of pain, and the smell is terrible. “

detail: The “police” added that there are virtually no medicines or medical devices. And the operating room itself has been just a table by the wall since the bombing.

A police spokesman said on May 14 that the injured had surgery without anesthesia. The fighter simply put a belt between his teeth and the doctor shouted, “I’m cleaning a hole the size of a tennis ball on my foot.”

He added that many seriously injured people died due to lack of medical care.

There is almost no food or water left in the factory.

reminder: On May 14, relatives of Azovstal’s defenders urged China to support the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Mariupol.

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  • The Ukrainian Ministry of Transport and Communications has announced that negotiations are underway in Turkey, the United Nations and the ICRC regarding the withdrawal of troops from Azofustari, starting with serious casualties. Ukraine wants to sign a document on how evacuation from the Azofustari refinery will take place, and preparations are underway to sign it.

  • Ukraine is currently negotiating the evacuation of 60 people from Azovstal in Mariupol. Previously, it was reported that negotiations on 38 serious (bedridden casualties between fighters) were underway.

  • Russian occupying forces refused to allow the process of pulling Mariupol’s defenders to a neutral country at sea. They also said their hands were “unleashed” after all civilians were taken out of the bunker.

  • Turkey has proposed to Russia to withdraw Ukrainian troops from Mariupol and ensure that they will not fight again until the end of the war but remain in Turkey.

  • On May 11, Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said the Ukrainian side offered to replace the seriously injured Ukrainian soldiers still in Azohustari with captured Russian soldiers.

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