Tom Cruise felt the need for speed in his new Top Gun movie.If anyone wanted to be his Wingman, they had to adhere to his rigorous training system and avoid drinking.

Top Gun Tom Cruise: Maverick

It will be one of the biggest Hollywood movies of the year.

However, during the production of Top Gun: Maverick, there was no celebration as the cast and crew were banned from drinking.

Leading actor Tom Cruise put the cast into action on a tight schedule to ensure they completed their stunts.

Co-star Miles Teller said:

One source added: “On most sets, the cast and crew socialize and go out for a drink, but with Top Gun, they were told to minimize the party.”

Leading actor Tom Cruise put the cast into action on a tight schedule to ensure they complete their stunts.

Teller acknowledged that he made one exception for the wedding, adding: It was hard. “

In 1986, Cruz, who starred in the original Top Gun movie, was enthusiastic about producing visuals, pushing the boundaries and making on-screen fighter pilots as “real” as possible.

Hollywood superstars insisted that the actor be trained as a fighter pilot and take detailed technical lessons on how to shoot, light and edit footage taken from a 4K camera in the cockpit.

Cruise was in charge of production visuals



Cruise said on the screen that fans said, “G Force is real … it’s not a computer-generated image, it’s actually an actor. The aerial footage is beautiful. It’s a love letter to aviation.”

Cruz says that by putting his film talents into flight training, he can see if they can withstand the pressure and shooting needs. He reveals:

US stars have ensured that the star’s “impossible” mission will come true, even if they vomit into their art – critics praised it as the greatest Air Force movie of all time.

Co-star Greg Tarzan Davis adds: At one point we started the jet and soon got sick – but I had to empower through it. ” fun.

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