Before his tragic death at the age of 33, Tom Parker wrote in his memoirs how his wife, Kelsey, fell into his rock, and whenever he first fell in love, he did well. I explained if I didn’t handle it.

In his memoirs, Tom Parker revealed that he acted in ways he wasn’t always proud of.

Towards the end of his life before Tom Parker’s tragic death in March 2022, his relationship with his wife Kelsey continued to experience even the darkest moments.

After the star was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in October 2020, Kelsey became Tom’s caregiver after raising two children, Aurelia Rose and Bodhi Thomas.

And even before Tom’s diagnosis, the pair has long been seen as the gold standard for celebrity romance they met at a nightclub in West London in 2009.

In his memoirs, Tom elaborated on how the couple met and how Kelsey became his rock.

He writes: “I think she actually saw me first. She was with Pixie Lott, the school’s best companion. Apparently, Kelsey told one of her companions,” I fell in love with him. I am. ” It was literally love at first sight. .. “

Tom and Kelsey met in 2009. He was 21 and she was 19.


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The pair may have been immediately attracted to each other, but it wasn’t an immediate simple voyage-when he gained fame in the band The Wanted, Tom aspired to maintain the image of a bad boy. was doing.

“We had such a momentary connection, I knew she was my person right away,” Tom wrote.

“It’s embarrassing to say that this doesn’t mean I treated her the way she should be right away.

“In fact, I was pretty happy with her for the first year. My commitment to being part of a rising boy band meant I couldn’t build a relationship. felt.”

Tom continued to invite Kelsey to the events and concerts he was playing in his band, but admitted that he was reluctant to officialize their relationship.

The pair broke up because he couldn’t commit, and for six months the once-loved couple didn’t talk.

The couple didn’t talk for 6 months

Tom admitted, “I couldn’t stop thinking about her.”


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Love seemed off the table, but Tom didn’t want to give up because “I couldn’t stop thinking about her.”

To regain Kelsey, the singer invited his ex to his band’s first headline show at London’s famous Hammersmith Apollo, and to his surprise she came.

“I sang to her throughout the show. My eyes were always nailed to her,” he confessed.

And Kelsey joined the band behind the scenes after the show, but it wasn’t the reconciliation Tom wanted, as Tom declined the invitation to continue the night with the band and the crew and devastated Tom. ..

He finally confessed his estranged love to his true feelings until the boy band star realized he was on vacation in Marbella in the rain.

Sadly, he calls Kelsey and admits, “I’m ready to be with you now.”

Kelsey replied: “Well, I may not be ready to be with you!”, Questioning the future of the lovers.

Fortunately, however, Kelsey decided he was ready to meet Tom again, and when Tom returned home, they finally became a couple.

Since his death, Kelsey has shared invisible photos and videos of her deceased spouse.

The couple had two children, the second born shortly after Tom’s diagnosis.


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Since his death earlier this year, Kelsey has dealt with the tragic grief of losing his spouse soon. From talking to children about his death to learning to live without his partner.

In her final farewell to her husband, Kelsey said:

“We will carry on your legacy forever.”

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