A federal law, which makes prescribing secondary puberty blockers and hormones to transgender minors as a felony, confirms other aspects of the state’s “Compassion and Protection Act for Vulnerable Children.” It was blocked by a judge.

US district judge Liles Burke has issued a temporary injunction to prevent the state from enforcing a dosing ban that came into effect on May 8 while proceedings against the bill.

Gender-verifying drug advocates for minors who challenged the law as illegal intrusions into family and medical decisions welcomed the ruling.

“This is very reassuring,” said Jennifer Levi, director of the transgender rights project at GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders. “Parents should not be punished for wanting to do their best for their children.”

The ruling bans transgender gender-verifying surgery on minors in the state from Alabama, and that counselors and other school officials are transgender. We maintain a clause that requires you to tell your parents what you think.

Educators and school nurses “encourage or” withhold “the fact that minors’gender and gender perceptions are inconsistent with minors’ genders” from their parents or to their students. “Force” is not allowed. ..

The state Attorney General’s office argued that the use of medicines was an unresolved science and therefore the state played a role in regulation to protect children.

The judge also determined that Alabama did not produce credible evidence that the transition drug was “experimental,” but “consistent and record evidence is at least 22 major in the United States. The medical association is in favor of transitional drugs and those based on established evidence. Treatment of gender dysphoria in minors. “

“Participating in this act supports and reiterates the’permanent American tradition’that parents play a major role in raising and caring for their children, not in state or federal courts,” Burke said. I’ll confirm. “

Alabama Governor Kay Ivy says drug decisions should wait until adulthood. “She said last month-she said the ruling was a” temporary legal obstacle. ” State Attorney General Steve Marshall said he would appeal.

Alabama’s law banning transsexuals of children has been endorsed by 15 states, including Texas, and Attorney General Ken Paxton said Wednesday: “Anything that protects vulnerable children from left-wing sexual predation. We support state law. ” ..

In Arkansas, judges blocked before enacting a similar law. Dr. Morissa Ladinsky, a pediatrician who founded the Birmingham Medical Team to treat children with gender discomfort, said the decision was “a great relief for transgender children and their families.”

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