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British filmmakers after some of Donald Trump’s closest allies were convinced that they had editorial views on the final product during the last few weeks as president, according to two people familiar with the situation. I attended an interview with.

Several people said the documentary was said to focus on Trump’s heritage and be a compliment.

However, 17 months later, the filmmaker Alex Holder was summoned by the House Select Commission to investigate the January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill riots and turned his footage over for hours. It strained some of the former president’s orbit, they told CNN, mainly because some do not remember the full range of their comments.

Holder’s lawyer denies that Trump has been granted editorial control over the final product.

“Trump did not require or allow editorial control over the series. On the contrary, Alex Holder first said he would have full editorial control. Mr. Trump also said. Nothing was required because it did not require contractual control or even a review, “Russell Smith said in a statement provided to CNN.

Holder’s “unprecedented” three-part documentary on the 2020 elections will be released later this summer on Discovery +, owned by CNN’s parent company. The documentary contains unprecedented footage of the Trump family and their reaction to the outcome of the election.

The children of the then president were sitting for multiple interviews with British filmmakers who were there during the last few weeks of Trump’s tenure. Ivanka Trump had three interviews, her husband Jared Kushner was interviewed twice, and Eric Trump was interviewed twice, Holder told CNN. Donald Trump Jr. was interviewed once an hour, but his second interview attempt was unsuccessful.

Several interviews, including Ivanka Trump, took place after Trump lost the election, but when he was still fighting for it. Most of Ivanka Trump’s interviews focused on his relationship with his father, in addition to public comments on ongoing legal objections over the election. According to another source, Trump Jr. sat with the holder about three weeks before the election.

Given that hours of footage are now flipped over, there are some concerns among certain people about what was said on the camera. One former aide downplayed the possibility that something related to the Commission was said.

A person familiar with the matter said the interview was coordinated by Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s Middle East peace envoy, who left the administration in 2019 but was in close contact with senior officials. Greenblatt is not responding to CNN’s request for comment.

Holder sat in a closed room Thursday morning to take testimony with the Commission.


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