“There is a lot of physical and emotional healing, and there is no doubt that this experience will be protracted from a traumatic point of view,” Harris told media members gathered in the field. Taken at Highland Park. “I would like to encourage all families and all individuals to seek the help you deserve.”

Regarding the safety of US guns, the Vice President continues: Because you have to take it seriously. The whole country needs to understand and have some empathy for this to happen anywhere in the peace-loving community. “

Harris was accompanied by Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotelling, US Congressman Brad Schneider and State Senator Julie Morrison during the visit.

On a phone call Tuesday morning, Rotering invited the Vice President to join her at Highland Park, following Harris’ speech to the National Education Association in Chicago.

In these statements, just a few miles from Highland Park, the Vice President told Congress to act on the ban on offensive weapons and “stop protecting” gun manufacturers. Have it. ”

“Yesterday must have been a day to celebrate the independence of the country with family and friends. Instead, the community was hit by a violent tragedy,” Harris said in a speech. We need to stop this violence. “

“As you know, I said that before, enough,” she said powerfully. “That is, our country mourns the deaths of 19 babies and 2 teachers in Yuvalde.”

President Joe Biden signed the first major federal gun safety law passed in decades late last month, making an important bipartisan breakthrough in one of Washington’s most controversial policy issues. Shown. The law was put together in the aftermath of a recent mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, primarily in the black district.

“God willingly save many lives,” Biden said at the White House when he finished signing the bill.

This story is broken and will be updated.

Mary Kay Mallonee and Nikki Carvajal of CNN contributed to this report.


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