Victoria Beckham is said to have approached Harper Beckham, but their older children, including her husbands David Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham, were away from their parents’ homes.

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Harper Seven writes a cute birthday card for mom Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is said to have a “BFF relationship she’s always dreamed of” with her daughter Harper Beckham, and as she grows up, they spend more time together.

The 48-year-old fashion designer is said to be approaching the youngest 10-year-old, and her husband, David Beckham, and other children were away from home.

It is believed that as Harper grew older, they became more fashionable and able to go shopping, have a long lunch, and nail together.

Victoria claims she “absolutely loves it” and says she felt “on the sidelines” in the past because her children are said to have had a better relationship with her father. I have been.

Victoria Beckham is said to have approached her daughter Harper Beckham


Victoria Beckham / Instagram)

Harper is the youngest of fashion designers with her husband David Beckham (credit: Instagram)

“Victoria was finally able to establish the BFF relationship she had always dreamed of with Harper,” one source said of Heat magazine’s four mothers and daughters.

They say Harper’s outlook “evolves and matures” as he grows, and she is said to have become more interested in clothing. This greatly affects the excitement of her mother.

Victoria, who owns her own fashion label, was even told to work Harper from time to time. They are “actually glued to the waist,” and Victoria is “excited,” her sources added.

Victoria and Harper are said to be more alone in the absence of David because older children are doing their own thing.



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Sources argued that Victoria loves to monopolize her daughter and “doesn’t have to compete with David for her affection.”

They said they “always feel” that her children have a better relationship with her husband-he wrestles with them and takes them out for ice cream “cool” Because “Dad”.

However, Victoria is claimed in the article to know that she is “a little more nervous”, and sources say she does not do such activities with her children.

Victoria and Harper are said to have united over fashion (credit: Instagram)

They are said to be “best friends”


Victoria Beckham / Instagram)

They said Victoria reduced her workload, became intimate with Harper, and he was president and co-owner of Inter Miami CF while David was in Miami.

The couple’s other children (Brooklyn (23), Romeo (19), Cruz (17)) are believed to be aging and quitting themselves, leaving only Victoria and Harper. increase.

According to sources, Spice Girls members were “very excited” to have the opportunity to form a bond with their daughter, adding that “Harper can be honestly said to have become her best friend.” Added.

Miller asked a Victorian representative for comment.

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