Sugit was a former member of UP and a big businessman with a high status value. His business begins in an area called Hajipur in Narcindy. He has many stores related to him in the area. He was a former member of UP in the very famous limelight. He has many children, all of whom are the correct owners of Hajipur stores. Sujit Sutradhar died at a very young age of 53. His death is now a hot topic in his area. And also on social media. Who killed Sugit? On June 22, one of the former up members died at the age of 53. He was not killed by any kind of illness, but he was killed by some bad people. We report that more than 30 people came to his store and attacked him. It was a terrifying moment when more than 30 people came and attacked. In such a situation, he also sought his children who were in the store at that time. Follow our website for the latest updates !!!!!

Sujit Sutradhar Cause of Death

After a massive attack from more than 30 people, Mr. Sugit is not currently among us. May his soul be peaceful. It was a terrifying sight that his son saw, an attack on a former UP member, and the boy who saw the whole incident was still shocked after the incident, so it was a very big point. .. His father. All this incident scares the entire community. Because the attack is an attack on a former UP member, not between us, which is very sad news.

Sujit Sutradhar: Wikipedia and Biography

As soon as the news of Sujit’s death spreads, everyone is just talking about it and everyone wants to know the next steps to be taken for the attacker. For now, it’s not the usual point of robbery or killing someone. It’s the point of killing one of Hajipur’s big companies, which owns most of them. And now he is dead. If more than 30 attackers attack such a big person and he is not safe here, how will the locals be safe where they smoke? It’s a very big question so far and the government needs to answer.

Sujit Sutradhar: Age, Funeral Updates, Family

One of the precious people named Sujit is not among us right now. Sugit is a big businessman from Hajipur and a former UP member. He is a fan follower. He also worked as a vice president, which is a very big point in such a person’s life. A very reputable businessman when killed in his store by more than 30 unexpected people, it’s very big news and very intense. Like others, he has a son who has seen all the incidents that happened in their store. That’s very bad news and we wish Sugit’s souls peace.

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