A video of a Zambian woman has become a hot topic on the internet. Viral videos have become famous and taken into account. There was a person in the video that was quickly removed, and President Zambia had to take immediate action against that person and the video. Here we will talk about the video of Mundia who became viral. In that regard, the Minister of Education of Zambia has been dismissed. The girl in the video seemed naked and was stroking. The videos are circulating rapidly, but is there any such information about who the woman is? And how the video became viral. In the video, it seems that a man is making a video call with a naked woman, and the whole thing is widely distributed. Follow our website Avitoa.com for the latest updates !!!!!

Mundia viral video on Twitter and Reddit

This video seems to be in the limelight far more than expected by the Zambian Minister of Education. Zambian President Edgar Lungu has dismissed Zambian Minister of Education David Mabamba because he was seen involved in the video. He was fired because the nudity was shown after the video became viral. Issac Chimpampe, a spokesman for Mabamba, said he did not want to reveal the reason for the dismissal of the Minister of Education. Dipred said in a tweet that the Minister of Education was effectively dismissed, immediately grateful for his service and hoping that Mabamba would do his best for his future.

Zambia Leak Video

He also said he had dismissed David Mabumba immediately and effectively. David Mabamba is 49 years old this year and has come a long way in his career. He was appointed to the Cabinet in 2016. The former Minister of Education was said to have been quarantined, but a new Minister of Education was appointed shortly after Mabamba was dismissed. President Edgar has appointed Dr. Dennis Wantinga, Minister of Water Development, Environmental Protection and Sanitation. All this happened at the same time after the former minister was fired.

Mundia: Wikipedia and Biography

Police said they did not intend to investigate the case, and no one publicly said they would stop distributing the video. Video is becoming viral and is being distributed on a larger scale. People responded very shockingly to the president’s dismissal from his position, but at the same time the video was still being watched by many. Some people thought that private matters should not be circulated and that someone’s private video should not be published this way. The woman in the video is still unknown and her identity has not been revealed.

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