Recent reports have shocked news that everyone is reacting to the killing of Deborah Samuel. If you didn’t know about her, she was a female student who was a student at Di Chef Shagari University of Education. Northwest of Nigeria. She is very well known to Islamic scholars as a child in the studio, and she was badly killed and killed. No action has been taken against this case yet. However, police are investigating the entire case and Nigerian police have arrested people on suspicion, but despite fans, follow our website for the latest updates !! !!!

Deborah Samuel Death Video

They are both students of the same university, and deep investigation is being conducted on the mistakes that led to the murder of this innocent girl, Deborah Samuel. This was a very shocking and tragic event at this university. After such a mistake at the university, authorities and officials will close the university that day so police can conduct investigations and are ordered to attend all students present. They announced that they should go home safely.

Who was Deborah Samuel?

Muslim students also had some reactions and bad comments because they were accused of killing the girl and igniting her body, which is the reason behind the whole situation. Police have reportedly decided to block the highway, Nigeria’s very major highway, so that it does not destroy the university or harm college students studying there. ..This is the 9am incident

Deborah Samuel-Funeral Updates and Obituaries

When a girl is badly inserted under the name of a man named Deer Holy Prophet. Also, many students attended when the incident happened, the students were very cruel to her, they dragged her out of the hostel room, and everyone started teasing her, picking up her stones and picking her up. It is said that he started beating.After this mistake happened, with her stick he killed her and set her body on fire, and this video is getting a lot of attention today and people are sending angry reactions.

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