Recent reports on asphalt have come up with very shocking news, which is very struggling because Congressman Andrew Rosen del Ronford did something wrong for his reasons. , He was a crime reported to be included in many sexual acts, he plans to form a band from the House of Commons for the meeting, and will not be able to attend any seminars until further notice. It has been reported. The Metropolitan unit police investigated the entire case, investigated whether the allegations making to him were true, and according to the investigation, filed a proceeding against Rossindel and then arrested him. Follow our website for the latest updates !!!!!

Who is Andrew Rossindel?

But so far, he has not been able to attend parliamentary seminars or conferences, nor has he been able to attend parliamentary property until the notice of investigation is complete. Many incidents related to sexual assault and abuse of people are increasing day by day, they go to the elite and occur in London between 2000 and 2019, but Rossindel is in the constituency by parliamentarians. He was elected a very successful person in Greater London in 2001, where he was elected chairman of all parties.

Why was Andrew Rossindel arrested?

Whether that is true or not is a very big claim, but he is currently in custody and is the reason behind the investigators and what they are trying to investigate.

This is the fact that he can’t attend parliamentary meetings, everyone on social media is angry after hearing this casting news, and many people don’t believe this The investigation is complete Please wait until the whole problem is revealed. Please look forward to future updates.

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