Very interesting news came from Germany when the Spanish diploma Enrique Mora Benavente was detained and arrested. Is there a Deputy Secretary-General for Services in which he was arrested by German police and Frankfurt Airport? He was arrested Friday morning without any explanation from the authorities. He was back from Iran. Some individuals online say he was arrested for a flight pattern and had to restart the flight. Follow our website for the latest updates !!!!!

Why was Spanish diplomat Enrique Mora arrested?

And the policy was confused by those personal identities. He was traveling to Iran to negotiate a strengthening of the nuclear deal and a return to the deal. Born October 19, 1958, he was a former member of the Spanish diplomat and was stationed in many countries. He has been in charge of coordinating and splitting a joint comprehensive action plan since 2021. He put out some people like the Balkan Wars and crisis management.

Enrique Mora arrests for reason

There are no official comments from the Spanish media and they are still waiting for the situation to be controlled. He is a very famous name and the German diploma needs to answer about his arrest and there is no renewal. Iran has set up many countries, has embarked on a nuclear weapons program, and is working very quickly on the development of weapons, which will be a major concern for players around the world.

Enrique Mora: Explanation of all accusations and allegations

An online individual has accused the German authorities of giving no explanation for his arrest. In May 2021, he specialized in disaster relief and is currently teaching at many European universities. Is threatening Iran’s research sensors in Sweden. The job of the Spanish diplomat is to persuade Iran not to establish a nuclear agreement and to coordinate important conversations for the security of the two countries. Please pay attention to our website being killed as we will be back with some more information about this incident.

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