Zachary Levi has a memoir coming out on June 28th Radical love: Learn to accept yourself and others.. among them, Shazam! A franchise star is an abusive family in which he grew up complex and had high expectations.

The 41-year-old actor says he couldn’t fully identify what his problem was until the dramatic downward spiral suffered mental weakness at the age of 37. By the idea of ​​suicide.Prior to the publication of the book from her Harper Horizon, Levi joined her with veteran host and journalist Elizabeth Vargas. Heart of the Matter The podcast for partnerships to end addiction discusses all of the above in an unflinching and honest interview debuting on June 28th.

Levi is well known for working on other high-profile projects such as: Chuck, Tangled, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, American Underdog When Mauritanian (And in the future Shazam!Wrath of the gods), And the misconception that wealthy figures and public figures are free from such struggles, how the suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Robin Williams affected him, why he Radical love And the ritual he practices to stay in a healthy place.

At the beginning of the podcast, Vargas — someone who is open about himself suffering from substance abuse and anxiety (and finding recovery), as stated in his book. Between breath — The Levi’s book praises being “amazing” and “surprisingly honest” about how to elaborate on mental health issues.

“I’ve been struggling with things like this for most of my life. I didn’t realize I was struggling with these things until I was 37, about five years ago,” said a complex family. Levi explained before revealing that the hardships began when he was young. “Most of my life grew up in a family where my stepfather was a top-level perfectionist, his bar was so high, unreachable, and a mother who was a borderline personality. So she didn’t have an incredibly high horizontal bar. She had an impossible goal as it kept moving. Anyone who spends time with borderline personality. , If I got home and my mother felt good, I could tell her, “Hey, I didn’t do very well with this test at school,” and she became: Masu,’Oh, don’t worry about it. There is another test and we can work on it. ”Whatever it was, if she felt bad, it was the end of the world. I was embarrassed by my family. So it was a lot of vitriols, a lot of yells. “

As he grew older, Levi, like many in his position, treated his problem with a combination of matter and vice. “I ran into many other things, such as sex, drugs, alcohol, or distractions, and paralyzed myself from the pain I had escaped from most of my life,” he elaborated. .. “Ironically, liquor can give you this temporary relief, but the next day it amplifies that anxiety tenfold. So you run back to get more. Come on, it’s just this vicious circle. “

Levi’s career also influenced how he beat himself. At one point he believed that moving to Austin and building a movie studio would give his life a purpose. “I’ve done a lot of things so far, but to be honest, it’s a career that still feels like that. I feel like I’m looking out a bit. I’m part of a cool kid group. I never felt, “he said, adding that those feelings can be traced back to childhood as” nerds. ” A child who was often bullied. “I think it was brought to my career in Hollywood. A lie you tell yourself when you’re not getting a particular job and you’re not hired to do that movie or show. Will be reaffirmed to you at this level of director, producer, actor, or whatever it is. “

Vargas asks Levi for details on the panic attack that eventually came to seek treatment, and he moves to Austin to perform routine activities such as unpacking boxes and focusing on restaurants. He said he was having a hard time. The feeling of disappointment, a mixture of self-loathing and panic, created an emotional scene.

“Zack, instead of going to eat food, I didn’t know where to go, so I probably drove around for 10 minutes without knowing which place to eat. That’s not a problem. I went to that pizza shop. But you can go to that place in China. Go get some food. If you’re hungry, go get some food, “he continued. “I’m sitting on the truck, and vividly, I’m holding the wheels and just rocking back and forth. It’s as if I’m trying to shake myself off from what’s happening, I Is just crying .. I’m just crying. I’m like, “God, please help me.” “

Later, he tells how he finally checked in to the emergency room because of suicidal ideation. “I had a very lively idea of ​​ending my life,” he revealed. “It wasn’t the first time I had them. I used to be in the dark of my life, but I think there were people around at that moment. I was stupid. That is, Austin. I think I made the right choice when moving to. I don’t think I did it exactly the right way. I didn’t realize I was running so much, but no one moved here. I didn’t have a support system … So at this particular moment I’m in this wonderful city, but basically alone, the darkness surrounds me again. The lie is me Whispering in my ears, the failure I felt was enough, like “Zack, I don’t feel like you’re trying to get it done.”

At the suggestion of a “dear friend,” he sought treatment in the psychiatric ward and spent three weeks on “intensive life-changing, life-saving treatment.”

In an interview, he also talked about how he was affected by the suicides of Bodin, Williams and Kate Spade. Regarding Williams, Levy said: His talent, his heart, how to love people, how to love the homeless, how to care for them, he was a really, really, deeply empathetic person and really cared for other people, but still so. Tortured in his own heart. I think that may be part of the reason he felt obliged to bring joy to the world. He felt very, very similar. “

When he died, “It really, really, really, really, really rocked me because he felt he couldn’t get it done. Somehow, he continued to fall into these places of depression and anxiety. You can understand how not. “

Levi has solved his problem, but he still lives with them and can manage with a healthy routine focused on good diet, exercise and sleep habits. “Prayer and meditation are very important. I think it’s also a synonym in a way. Sometimes my prayer is meditation. Sometimes I’m just there and God takes over what the time is. Forgive me. I’m just spending time, so I’m not saying anything. At least one of the most important things for me is to capture my thoughts. Our hearts are very strong. But if we don’t really go, it’s very easy, very easy to hijack. I’m doing it again. I’m starting to swear at myself again. I’m strict or harsh on myself. I’m starting to be critical. I’m starting to determine where I am in my life. “

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